The Perfect Weekend In Lviv – Itinerary For A City Break In Ukraine’s Cultural Capital

It is my opinion that Lviv is quickly becoming one of the hot new tourist destinations in Europe. Maybe it is partly because I live here I can see the increase in tourism, but also because it makes sense. Lviv is an old European city with beautiful Austrian architecture, delicious food served in places with great atmosphere, and best of all it is extremely cheap. Okay, maybe not cheap for Ukrainians, but for tourists Lviv is one of the best value cities in Europe. Recently both Ryanair and Wizz Air (discount airlines) have increased flights to Lviv, which means a perfect weekend in Lviv is an easy and affordable trip for anyone.

The Perfect Weekend In Lviv – A Guide To Doing A City Break In Ukraine’s Cultural Capital

In this article I’m going to give you an outline for everything to do for the perfect weekend In Lviv from Friday noon (when the cheap Ryanair direct flight lands, until Monday morning, when the flight leaves). Of course, you may be taking different flights in which case, just adjust the schedule to suit your timetable.

Christmas market

Friday 11:20: Flight from London Stanstead arrives to Danylo Halytsky International Airport. This is a fairly efficient airport so you will not have to wait long to go through immigration and get your bag (usually). After going through customs you should call an Uber to take you to your AirBnB or hotel. There is public transportation, but an Uber to the city center is almost always around $3-$4.

View from the Ratysha

Friday 12:30: Arrive at your accommodation. Most likely you will arrive before this time as the airport expressway rarely has traffic, but just in case I’m giving you some wiggle room. After you check in and get settled it is time to start the perfect weekend In Lviv and go straight to lunch. I’m assuming you didn’t eat on the plane so you’re probably a bit hungry by now. I suggest taking a walk to Gasova Lampa (The Gas Lamp) which is a unique restaurant in Lviv perfect for lunch.

Address: Virmens’ka St, 20, Lviv, Lviv Oblast, 79000

The Perfect Weekend In Lviv –Gasova Lampa

A walk from anywhere in the city center will not be longer than 5 minutes. For this first day, all my recommendations are going to be in the city center. This means you can walk easily and get used to the layout of the city.

Gasova Lampa summer terrace

Friday 13:00: Lunch at Gasova Lampa. I suggest climbing to the top floor which is a glass enclosed terrace offering a view of the Lviv rooftops. As it is lunch I don’t recommend eating TOO much food (as my dinner recommendation will be hearty) but here you will start drinking.

Gasova Lampa: test tube tinctures

Definitely start with the Solyanka which is a smoked rib soup and get a plate of Salo and Herring to share for the table (if you are alone this can be your entire meal). Also make sure to order the test tube tinctures. These are infused vodkas which are made in house. Have you had horseradish vodka before?

When the bill comes, make sure you have your phone or camera ready to take a video. It’s a blast. Also make sure to download the LOKAL app because a few restaurants in this perfect weekend in Lviv article give you 10% cash back which you can spend before you depart Lviv.

Gasova Lampa is also featured in my article: Themed Restaurants In Lviv

Gasova Lampa Location: Virmens’ka St, 20, Lviv, Lviv Oblast, 79000

Friday 15:00 Climb to the top of city hall. Now it is time to work off your light lunch. You’ll see the Lviv bell tower towering over the entire old town and you can actually climb to the top. This gives you a 360 degree view of the city and is the number one thing to do in the city. It costs 40 UAH (about $1.75) to climb to the top and you can buy your entrance ticket directly on the city hall 4th floor at the base of the tower.

Ratusha - the city hall in Lviv

The Clock Tower is also featured in my article: Best Viewpoints In Lviv.

Lviv City Hall Location: R2RJ+QM Lviv, Lviv Oblast

Friday 15:30: I think that walk up to the top of the clock tower deserves a beer, don’t you? After reaching the bottom walk to Pravda Beer Theatre (about 1 minute). This is the largest craft brewery in Lviv, and also the biggest by floor space. The bar takes up three different floors. At night they have live music, but for now you can just try some of their fantastic award winning creations.

Pravda beer museum

Pravda Beer Theater is also featured in my article: Craft Beer In Lviv.

Recommendations: Light- Vatra (Blonde Ale) Dark- Obama Hope (American Style Stout)

Prices: $2-$3 a pint

Pravda Beer Theater Location: Rynok Square, 32, Lviv, Lviv Oblast, 79000

This is another LOKAL member so be sure to scan your receipt for that cash back!

Friday 17:00 Take a walk along Svobody Avenue towards the Opera House. The Lviv Opera House is a beautiful piece of architecture that is the focal point of the entire avenue. Svobody Avenue used to be the old Poltava river which was filled in about a hundred years ago. During winter the walk is lined with kiosks selling traditional winter/Christmas market fare, and in summer you’ll see old men playing chess and kids driving toy cars.

Opera theater in Lviv

Go inside the Opera House (~$0.50) and admire the art and architecture of the inside of this beautiful creation. Every square inch of this place is detailed, and it really reminds me of a palace. If you want to learn all about it, you can take a tour from a docent (just be sure to tip after) or you can just walk around yourself admiring the beauty.

The Perfect Weekend In Lviv: the mirror hall

Lviv Opera House Location: Svobody Ave, 28, Lviv, Lviv Oblast, 79000

Friday 18:30: Now it is time for dinner. If you are not hungry at this time, you can walk around some more, but Ukrainians tend to eat whenever they feel like so there is no need to wait until a certain time. For dinner I am recommending Kryivka, which is by number of guests the most popular restaurant in all Europe. They serve over a million customers a year!

Kryivka is the most popular restaurant

To get inside you’ll have to knock on the door and give the password (Slava Ukraina). Then you’ll be led into the ante-chamber, given a free shot of honey vodka, and instructed down a secret passageway into the restaurant. The restaurant looks like an old military bunker and the food is pretty classical Ukrainian.

I recommend getting the roast pork belly, potato pancakes, actually…get whatever sounds good. I’ve pretty much eaten the entire menu and enjoy everything there.

Prices: <$10 per person

Kryivka Location: пл. Ринок, 14 (підвал), Lviv, Lviv Oblast, 79000

This is another LOKAL member so be sure to scan your receipt for that cash back!

Friday 20:30: While it is still early, you may be tired after a long day of flying and activities, so feel free to head back to your accommodations and have an early night in. If you are not tired and feel like some evening activities, you can always drink more. Depending on your spending limit here are some suggestions for finishing your night.

The Perfect Weekend In Lviv: get the craft beer at the popular pub

Beer: Choven – This is a craft beer pub with over 20 rotating options on tap from breweries all over Ukraine and internationally. Always crowded with locals, this place is great for craft beer lovers looking for a fun night out.

Choven also appears in my article: Craft Beer In Lviv.

Choven Location: Virmens’ka St, 33, Lviv

Get Cocktails in Lviv

Cocktails: Libraria – This is a bit of a ritzy speakeasy style cocktail bar. They have live music many nights and it has a great atmosphere. Situated on the 2nd and 3rd level of a building, you have to knock on an unmarked door to enter. The drinks here are between $5-$10 so it is a bit on the pricy side, especially for Ukraine. However the cocktails are delicious and the space is beautifully decorated.

Libraria also appears in my article: Best Places For Cocktails In Lviv.

Libraria Location: Lesi Ukrainky St, 14, Lviv, Lviv Oblast, 79000

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The Perfect Weekend In Lviv – Saturday

Saturday 11:00: I’m putting a late start for Saturday because I’m already assuming you will want to sleep in after all the alcohol from Friday. If you’ve woken up early you can go out for breakfast, or just relax until you feel like going out. Today is Saturday, and that means brunch.

The Perfect Weekend In Lviv: Epic cheeseburger cafe

What’s the best hangover cure I know? Well that would have to be a big juicy greasy cheeseburger. And for that I recommend Epic Cheeseburger Café. Don’t worry, this eatery has proper breakfast dishes as well, but as this is your breakfast and lunch combined, I say go for meat. Plus this place is also located in the old town, so if that’s where you are staying then it is easy to find.

Alona Tiunina at the epic cheeseburger cafe

Epic Cheeseburger Café is also featured in my article: Lviv Restaurant Review: Epic Cheeseburger Café

Epic Cheeseburger Cafe Location: Halytska St, 15, Lviv, Lviv Oblast, 79000

Saturday 13:00: Museum Day. Lviv has tons of museums that are worth a visit. Some of them are more humorous, and some are more educational. I’ve written an article about the Ten Lviv Museums You Should Visit, which is a great resource for this afternoon. I don’t expect you to hit them all in just a few hours, but try to get three or four.

Apteka museum, Lviv underground museums

I recommend the APTEKA museum (pharmacy museum) which is located in the first pharmacy in Lviv. Lviv is also the city of dungeons and underneath this museum you can see an actual segment of the Lviv underground.

Dungeon coffee museum

I also recommend the Lviv Coffee Mines. This is kind of a joke museum that takes place underground. It is supposed to show how the coffee miners extract the beans from the walls of caves. While it is a bit silly, it is great for some pictures. Also make sure to take a seat and order a coffee brulee with Baileys. It is a great experience.

 coffee brulee with Baileys

Lviv Coffee Mines is also featured in my article: Lviv Treats

Museum of Ethnography

I also suggest walking to the Museum of Ethnography (about 10 minutes from Lviv Coffee Mines) which has over 9000 pieces of Ukrainian art and culture. The price is 60 UAH ($2.30) to enter. While the first two museums only take 15-20 minutes, this one should take at least an hour of your time as there is so much great stuff to see.

The Perfect Weekend In Lviv : museum of Ethnography

After the museum of Ethnography you can walk to Potocki Palace about 5 minutes away. Currently it is an art gallery, but you can also just go on the grounds and admire the land. On the back lawn they have miniatures of some of the famous castles around Ukraine, which is pretty cool to see.

potocki palace

From Potocki Palace I suggest you walk towards the Arsenal Museum, which is located in the actual arsenal of Lviv. It is one of the last segments of the old fortified wall of the city. Here you can see a collection of old weapons from all over the world, many of which were won in battles on Ukrainian land. The most important thing about this museum though, is that it is right above where you will get dinner tonight. Ribs Below Arsenal.

Arsenal museum

Apteka Museum Location: Stavropihiiska Street, 3, Lviv, Lviv Oblast, 79000

Lviv Coffee Mines Location: Rynok Square, 10, Lviv, Lviv Oblast, 79000

Museum of Ethnography Location: Rynok Square, 10, Lviv, Lviv Oblast, 79000

Potocki Palace Location: Kopernika str., 15 L’viv L’vivs’ka oblast 79000

Arsenal Museum Location: Pidvalna St, 5, Lviv, L’vivs’ka oblast, 79000

Saturday 18:30: Dinner at Ribs Below Arsenal. This place is always crowded so you may have to wait a while. But don’t worry because it is so worth it. Here you can get 400 grams of ribs with two different sauces for just 149 UAh (about $6). There are no windows in this place which is inside of the arsenal walls, so that really helps with the medieval theme.

Dinner at Ribs below Arsenal museum

Along with the ribs, you should also get the cheese filled bread. Of course they have their own homemade vodkas which are great, but you can also get some Pravda craft beer here as well.

Ribs Under Arsenal Location: Pidvalna St, 5, Lviv, Lviv Oblast, 79000

Saturday 20:30: After a filling dinner of ribs, cheese-bread, and alcohol it’s time to drink some more. Head back towards Rynok square from Arsenal for a classic Ukrainian treat, Drunken Cherry. This cherry liquor is one of the most popular things to drink in Lviv, as well as being one of the most popular souvenirs. There are a few different vendors in the old town and it is standing room only so this is just a quick drink before going out for more drinks.

The Perfect Weekend In Lviv : Drunken cherry

Drunken Cherry is also in my artlce: Lviv Treats

Drunken Cherry Location: Kam’yanytsya Haslyarivsʹka, Rynok Square, 11, Lviv, Lviv Oblast, 79000

Saturday 21:00: Masoch Café. Did you know masochism was invented by a Lviv local? That’s right, Leopold von Sacher Masoch was a Lviv aristocrat who loved being abused by women. Currently there is a bar which tries to make this a bit accessible for visitors. You’ll spot this restaurant easily by the bronze statue out in front of the doors, but entering is a whole other world. Dark walls with restraints and whips hanging down. Lewd wall art of men groveling at women’s feet.

Masoch cafe

If the atmosphere doesn’t tell you what type of place this is then the waitress surely will. If they decide to whip you as you walk to your seat that’s just part of the fun. This place is not for the uptight, but if you are a fun person then this is for you. It is especially great if you are with friends because they have a “special” menu which is great to order off of for your friends to really make this night memorable.

The Perfect Weekend In Lviv : visit the Masoch cafe in Lviv

Masoch Café is also part of LOKAL so you get 10% back on your check here.

This place also features in my article: Masoch Café and Masochism in Lviv

Masoch Cafe Location: Serbska St, 7, Lviv, Lviv Oblast, 79000

The Perfect Weekend In Lviv – Sunday

Sunday 9:00: Early-ish breakfast at Lviv Croissants. You may have seen this place all over the city, and it would make sense since there are like 20 different locations. However it is a great fast breakfast to start the day. Get the salmon and cream cheese croissant sandwich, or just stick with the regular Lvivske Croissant. Pair it with an espresso or cappuccino and you’ll be ready for your busy day.

Sunday 10:00: It’s time to visit High Castle. This is the ruins of the old Lviv castle which overlooked the city. While there is nothing there anymore it is a fantastic viewpoint to see the entire city. Plus, the hike itself is easy and quite enjoyable. At the base there are vendors selling water so you don’t need to worry about brining anything.

Looking point: High castle

High Castle is about an hours walk from the center of the city, so it is best done in the morning before it gets too hot (summertime).

High Castle is also featured in my article: 4 Places To Get The Best View Of Lviv.

High Castle Location: Lviv, Lviv Oblast, 79000

Sunday 12:00: After your time at the top, it’s time to walk down for lunch. Because the time of your perfect weekend in Lviv is running short, I’m going to give some varied choices depending on what you like.

Meat: 5th Dungeon – this dungeon restaurant does great grilled meat on skewers, along with fantastic homemade bread and beer.

5th Dungeon Location: Rynok Square, 5, Lviv, Lviv Oblast, 79000

5th Dungeon

Fish: Trout, Bread, and Wine – this restaurant serves up great Ukrainian trout. This fish is a Carpathian specialty so if you want to try authentic old fashioned Ukrainian food, then this fish restaurant is perfect.

Trout, Bread, and Wine Location: Brativ Rohatyntsiv St, 49, Lviv, Lviv Oblast, 79000

Part of LOKAL so get those points on your app.

Both of these restaurants are around $10 a person and feature in my Themed Restaurants In Lviv article, which you should look at if you want different food options. Lviv is the city of themed restaurants, but don’t worry, they aren’t as tacky as you may assume.

Sunday 14:00: After lunch walk to the book (and vinyl) market and see what the sellers have on offer, then peek inside the old Dominican Cathedral if you like. Both of these places are near the restaurants so it is just a couple minutes’ walk. Last time, Cody found an old Soviet pressing of a Jethro Tull album!

Sunday 14:30: Next I suggest that you visit the Lychakiv cemetery. I know visiting a cemetery isn’t on a lot of people’s normal travel itineraries, but this is really a beautiful one. Buried here are some of the most famous Ukrainian heroes, and the architecture of the mausoleums is just beautiful. The walk here from the city center takes about a half hour, but you could take an Uber if you don’t want to walk.

Lychakivske cemetary

Make sure to visit the Field of Mars right next to the cemetery which is a memorial to the Ukrainian youths that have lost their lives fighting against the current Russian occupation of eastern Ukraine.

Price for visitors: 20 UAH (less than $1)

Lychakiv Cemetery Location: Mechnykova St, 33, Lviv, L’vivs’ka oblast, 79000

Sunday 16:30: From the cemetery/war memorial take an Uber ($2) to Ivan Franko park, which is sort of like a small central park for Lviv. During good weather there are beer kiosks and outdoor tables so you can have a beer and people watch. If you are with friends bring a deck of cards and spend some time relaxing and spending your Sunday like a Ukrainian person. The park is small and easily walkable, but it a central hub for many Lviv locals looking to relax on nice days.

Ivan Franko Park Location: Solomii Krushel’nyts’koi St, 11-13, Lviv, Lviv Oblast, 79000

Sunday 18:00: From the park begin your walk back towards the city center. It is only a 5-10 minute walk depending on your pace. Along the way there are some cute shops to buy some souvenirs for friends back home (or just for yourself). You can also find souvenir shops around Rynok square. One of the top things to buy is a Vishivanka, a traditional Ukrainian shirt that people still wear today.

The Perfect Weekend In Lviv : Vishivanka

Sunday 18:30: Dinner at Baczewski. Now, this restaurant is a bit more expensive than the other places on the list, but it still is pretty cheap compared to most countries. Expect to spend around $20 a person, especially if you try one of their fantastic cocktails. Baczewski is known for their top notch potato vodka.

The Perfect Weekend In Lviv: Baczewski restaurant in Lviv

The restaurant itself is extremely popular with locals and tourists alike, and is usually patronized by people celebrating something. The restaurant specializes in upscale traditional Ukrainian food, and they got their menu by collecting recipes from some of the oldest Lviv families. I don’t really have any food suggestions for this place as everything I have gotten has been great, so just order what you think looks good. And definitely try one of their tasty and unique cocktails.

The souvenir store at Baczewski

I do suggest making a reservation to this place as it is usually fully booked. If you plan on doing my itinerary then call them as soon as you land in Lviv to make the reservation for Sunday night.

Baczewski Prices: Appetizers: $4-$5 Meal: $10-$14 Beer: $3 Cocktails: $5

Baczewski Location: Shevska Street, 8, Lviv, Lviv Oblast, 79000

Baczewski is also featured in my articles Themed Restaurants In Lviv and Best Cocktail Places In Lviv.

Sunday 21:00: After Baczewski your perfect weekend in Lviv is almost over. But wait, what about all that cash back you have been collecting from the various LOKAL establishments around the city. Well, you still need dessert after dinner right? Time to head to Lviv Handmade Chocolates. Here you can get a variety of different chocolates, from truffles to bon-bons and more.

The Perfect Weekend In Lviv: Handmade chocolates

At the top floor is a cute café where you can order cakes and shakes. And one of the best things to get for real chocolate lovers is the Lviv Hot Chocolate. This is essentially just the hot melted chocolate served in a cup for you to drink straight. Of course you can also get it with some milk added, or booze, or some whipped cream. The perfect weekend in Lviv should include the perfect and delicious dessert.

The Perfect Weekend In Lviv : Lviv chocolate factory

When it comes time to pay, just show your card to the server/cashier and they will deduct all your cash back money straight from the app. Lviv Handmade Chocolate is also featured in my article Lviv Treats.

Lviv Handmade Chocolate Location: Serbska St, 3, Lviv, Lviv Oblast, 79000

Monday: Well, depending on what time your flight out is you may not have much time to do anything in the morning. If you are taking the Ryanair back to London, it departs at 11:45 which means you should leave your accommodations and get in an Uber by 10:00. Chances are you’ll arrive in plenty of time, but who likes to risk it when it comes to flights.

The Perfect Weekend In Lviv
The Perfect Weekend In Lviv – A Guide To Doing A City Break In Ukraine’s Cultural Capital

If you wake up early enough you can enjoy another Lviv Croissants breakfast sandwich, or just grab a pastry from one of the many wooden kiosks dotted along the streets of Lviv.

The Perfect Weekend In Lviv : Street musicians

There you have it, the guide to a perfect weekend in Lviv. I hope you consider making this your next weekend getaway. Who knows, maybe you’ll love it as much as Cody did and decide to move here!

Jet Set Together was not paid in cash or gifts by any of the places featured in “The Perfect Weekend In Lviv – A Guide To Doing A City Break In Ukraine’s Cultural Capital” article. These are all places I go to on a regular basis and think are a great way for a first time visitor to get a feel of the cultural capital of Ukraine.

The Perfect Weekend In Lviv – A Guide To Doing A City Break In Ukraine’s Cultural Capital

Other Recommended Lviv Places

Seafood: Anchousna (around $10 a person). Address: Kornyakta St, 1, Lviv, Lviv Oblast, 79008

Steak: Mons Pius ($30+ for great steak). Address: Lesi Ukrainky St, 14, Lviv, Lviv Oblast, 79000;

Haircut: Frisor Lemberg Barbershop ($8 for a haircut; mens). Address: Petra Doroshenka Street, 50, Lviv

Cat Cafe: Stepana Bandery 47A

Date Night Restaurant: Kryva Lypa (about $15 per person). Address: Kryva Lypa Passage, 8, Lviv, Lviv Oblast, 79000;

Hookah: Filin Lounge ($5-$10 per hookah). Address: Sichovykh Striltsiv St, 12, Lviv, Lviv Oblast, 79000

Groceries: Silpo at Forum. Address: ТЦ Forum Lviv, 1 поверх, Pid Dubom Street, 7Б, Lviv, Lviv Oblast, 79000

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