Restaurant Review: Kim Kimchi Korean BBQ in Lviv, Ukraine

Lviv is famous for its culinary scene. Many famous Ukrainian chefs work in this city, and plenty of restaurants serve amazing food. And if you have been to Lviv, or Ukraine in general, you might notice that after Ukrainian or European cuisine the next most popular thing is sushi. For the longest time it was the beginning and the end of Asian cuisine. However, in recent years the variety has gotten better and doesn’t end with sushi. One of the restaurants that you can check out if you are craving something other than Ukrainian borshch is Kim Kimchi Korean BBQ in Lviv.

Kim Kimchi Korean BBQ is the first and as far as I know (as of today) the only restaurant in Lviv that has Korean BBQ. As soon as I heard of this place I made a reservation and went on a “food journey”. 

Note: by the way, if you are skeptical that I can write a proper review of a Korean restaurant, I want to mention that I used to live in Asia for three years and traveled a lot in those years around Asia. Unfortunately I didn’t have my blog yet, so I wasn’t taking many pictures to use them later. But you can be sure that I know a thing or two about Korean food, therefore let’s go back to our review.


Kim Kimchi Korean BBQ has a great location. It Is located in the center of the old town between the Opera theater and Rynok square (the main city square). 

They have a round glass door but it looks a bit like an entrance to a cave. 

Pay attention, because they don’t have a very noticeable sign that this is the place you are looking for. I, for example, missed it at first. 

Location: Lesi Ukrainky St, 14, Lviv, L’vivs’ka oblast, 79008


Besides the BBQ option there are quite a lot of other dishes that you can order if you do not wish to deal with cooking raw meat. 

But let’s start with BBQ. Kim Kimchi restaurant offers three options of meat: beef tenderloin, pork neck, and samphepsal (samgyeopsal) which is pork belly. All the meat is served with steamed rice, lettuce, 4 types of side dishes (banchan) and 2 sauces. You also can get vegetables to grill, but that is about it. 

Together with the BBQ, or instead, you can also enjoy some of their main dishes: tokpokki, bulgogi, fried chicken, kimbap, and others. 

Note: if you are really into Korean food then you’ll love this: Kim Kimchi restaurant has a special deal “All you can eat and drink” from 12 pm to 5 pm and it costs 999 UAH (about $25)


You can say that the service at Kim Kimchi is pretty good. The staff know what they are doing and can help you with whatever you require. 

Note: If you order a BBQ, you grill it yourself. In Korea the staff actually go table to table and cook for you, but it seems Ukraine is following the American method where you cook your own meat. 

If you’d like to learn how to cook Korean BBQ My Korean Kitchen has a great guide!

Interior and Atmosphere 

kim kimchi korean bbq

Kim Kimchi restaurant has a great vibe. It looks quite trendy and cozy at the same time. Tables for the BBQ are located basically in the basement. Don’t be put off however, they have a great ventilation system. The mirrors on the walls make the place look spacious and not cramped. 


I loved Kim Kimchi restaurant. Not because I really wished for a Korean BBQ in Lviv, but because it feels authentic enough to really enjoy the food. I also don’t hate the fact that the prices are decent and especially that sweet “All you can eat and drink” deal.

If it is your first time to Lviv then perhaps you should focus on the popular Ukrainian restaurants in the city, but for those of us that live here, or have been visiting many times, then Kim Kimchi is a great break from the usual, and a delicious Korean restaurant.  

Restaurant Review: Kim Kimchi Korean BBQ in Lviv, Ukraine



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