Filin Lounge: The Hip Lviv Spot For Chilling With Friends

Lviv is considered the youngest city in Ukraine. This is mostly due to the fact that one in every fifth person who lives here is a student. In fact, I live in between three different universities! This means that there are tons of cool places that appeal to the younger crowd. While the fantastic themed restaurants in Lviv are great for a meal, sometimes you just want to grab a coffee, smoke some hookah, or play some PS4 with your friends. Enter Filin Lounge, a fusion lounge with a young crowd that is perfect for a student on a break, or a digital nomad looking for a place to get some work done.

Filin Lounge hookah menu

In fact, this article was partially written by my digital nomad expat to Lviv friend Scott Harris who has quickly become a regular there as he finds it ideal to work and relax. However I will say now that this place is mostly a locals lounge as I rarely see foreigners here. However if you are not Ukrainian the extremely friendly staff will be happy to translate the menu for you or make suggestions as what to get.

PS4 at the lounge, second floor

Situated next to Ivan Franko University, Filin Lounge is located on two levels. The first has some booth seating and bar stools, but the second floor is where it is at. Four booths in the front, and four in the back with the 4 PS4s, many small 2-3 person café style tables, as well as a large circular table that can seat 8-10, perfect for a party.

Filin Lounge, interior

Unlike most lounges in Lviv, Filin Lounge is not in a dark cellar or basement with no windows. In fact the front two story wall is entirely windows so there is tons of natural light inside. This is unusual, but I actually quite like it as it does not feel claustrophobic at all. I suggest sitting by the balcony so you can look out the window and have a full view of the lounge as well.

You can get a hookah

Filin Lounge is also one of the more popular places for hookah (shisha) in Lviv. The quality is above average and the majority of people come here to smoke. They have tons of variety and are always changing coals for you. If you don’t know what you want the hookah man will be glad to explain the different strengths to you. The music is eclectic with a large amount of 90’s remixes. Overall it is a wonderful atmosphere to be by yourself or with a group. I suggest that if you want to smoke hookah at Filin Lounge it is best to order it as soon as you sit down. If it is crowded it could take up to 20 minutes for them to bring it to you (although usually it just takes about 5).

 the logo of Filin Lounge

One of my favorite things about this place is the tables have call buttons. While the service staff are available, they are not just walking around keeping trying to bug you while you are talking with friends or on the computer. Instead you just press the button and they will come and take your order or bring what you want.

The lounge is seemingly most active after 6pm, probably because that’s when most of the students are done with their university classes. I’ve even seen groups reserve tables before since weekends can get quite lively at night.

In the back there are four large flat screen TV’s facing booths and you can sit here and play PS4 with your friends. You do not have to pay any more money to sit here and play, but it does fill up pretty quickly in the evenings.

Key Information

Type: Lounge

Cost: Mid-range (cash and card accepted)
Hookah (8-12 USD)
Appetizers (2-4 USD), Entrees (4-10 USD)
Beer (2-3 USD), Wine (3-4 USD), Cocktails (4-6 USD)

Clientele: Locals under 30 (many college kids)

Vibe: Chill

Music: Eclectic remixes of 90s to today’s pop music

Other: 4 tables with 50″ screeens and ps4 for gaming
Call button on tables
Only one table with working outlets (2)

Time to Go: Starts to fill up after 6

Hours: Monday-Friday: 12 PM to 1 AM; Saturday – Sunday: 2 PM to 1 AM;

Location: Sichovykh Striltsiv St, 12, Lviv, Lviv Oblast, 79000

Filin Lounge: The Hip Lviv Spot For Chilling With Friends

Jet Set Together was not paid by Filin Lounge which was featured in this Lviv article, nor were we compensated with free food for a good review. This is just a place Cody and I like, and think you will to.

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