Restaurant review: Avocado in Lviv, Ukraine

Lviv is known as the cultural capital of Ukraine, but it is so much more. I would name Lviv the food capital, the good coffee capital, the cozy restaurants capital of Ukraine and many more. There are so many beautiful cafes and restaurants that serve delicious and inexpensive food in Lviv that sometimes instead of choosing just one you hop from place to place to get coffee, dessert, or mains. After visiting Avocado restaurant in Lviv I decided to write a short review with all the pluses and minuses.

Avocado restaurant in Lviv, Ukraine


Avocado restaurant (as you might figure out from the name) serves lot’s of dishes with…well, avocado. My friend (from California) said that Avocado cuisine is Asian inspired Californian cuisine. 

Burger at Avocado restaurant

The menu is quite large and consists of: salads, soups, pastas, bowls, hot mains, burgers, desserts, and drinks. 

Salad at Avocado in Lviv

To be frank, the food they serve at the Avocado restaurant reminds me of some of the Balinese restaurants with their healthy, green, Asian fusion, trendy dishes. Not that it’s a bad thing; on the contrary, with heavy Ukrainian cuisine, Avocado is a nice addition to my list of breakfast/brunch places. 

Coffee at Avocado restaurant in Lviv Ukarine


You can just click here and go straight to their menu to check the prices on your own. However, I want to tell you that a meal for two will cost you around $15 unless you are getting a whole fish or a rib-eye steak, then it will cost up to $30 for two (including drinks of course). 

Interior and Atmosphere

the fruit of life

Avocado has a charming green space with an avocado pillow at every table and many avocado trees around. There are a few separate small, but cozy rooms with tables, and a baby playground where you can take your kid if they are bored. 

Kids room in Avocado in Lviv

The general atmosphere is very relaxing. Avocado is usually full of young people, and expats.

Alona at Avocado restaurant


Avocado is located in the center of the Lviv old town, but not on the Rynok square where it’s always very crowded. It’s one of the quieter side streets that actually has a few other great restaurants. 

Location: Staroievreiska St, 37, Lviv, Lviv Oblast, 79000


I like the scenery at Avocado restaurant. It is a trendy place in the middle of the old town, full of many interesting people. Their food and prices are pretty good as well. However a few things upsets me. I have noticed that they don’t serve water when you sit down, the coffee that I got there a few times was almost cold, and sometimes (or it’s just me who is unlucky) their bread buns are stale and far from fresh. 

Restaurant review: Avocado in Lviv, Ukraine

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