Discovering Ukrainian Cuisine: A Culinary Tour of Ukraine’s Most Delicious Dishes In Lviv

Ukraine is known for its delicious, hearty food. From heavy savory dishes like borscht to sweet desserts. Ukrainian cuisine has lots to offer any person. Therefore I want to take you on a culinary journey around Lviv and help you explore the most popular Ukrainian dishes that every tourist must try.


Borscht is probably the most famous dish in Ukrainian cuisine. It is a beetroot soup that includes cabbage, potatoes and meat. 

If you have been traveling around east Europe you probably have seen some other varieties of borscht. For example in Polish cuisine borscht (barczsz) is a beetroot broth that doesn’t have any vegetables, instead it has dumplings.


For those who will come to Ukraine and try this traditional Ukrainian dish, you will notice that there is a certain way of serving this dish. It almost always comes with sour cream, rye bread or pampushky, and salo (cured fatback). 

The best borscht in Lviv you can find is in “The Most Expensive Galician Restaurant”. 


Varenyky (plural) are Ukrainian style dumplings that are usually filled with potatoes, cabbage, cottage cheese, or berries. And of course there is no surprise that varenyky are served with sour cream and pork cracklings. 


Of course, every country has its own kind of dumplings, Hong Kong – dimsum, Japan – gyoza, Poland – pierogi (close to varenyky actually), but even if you have tried all of them, you still should try the Ukrainian ones as well.

Same with borscht, you can find varenyky in pretty much any restaurant that serves traditional Ukrainian food, however I recommend you to visit Kryivka and try their potato varenyky. You won’t be disappointed.


Solyanka is another popular Ukrainian soup that is made of a rich broth, a few types of cured meat, sausage, olives, pickles and capers (sometimes). 


Solyanka is served with a slice of lemon and sour cream. It is best to eat solyanka with rye bread. 

The best solyanka in Lviv can be found at Gasova Lampa (Gas Lamp) restaurant. This restaurant is also famous for its tinctures. 


Deruny (plural) – are potato pancakes that are crispy on the outside and soft inside. It is a very simple, but super delicious dish that everyone in the country just loves (I seriously cannot name one person who doesn’t like potato pancakes).


Deruny, of course, are always served with sour cream (wow we Ukrainians love our sour cream). 

One of the best places to get potato pancakes is Atlas. This restaurant also has a very beautiful summer terrace with a view of Ratusha and the main Lviv square.


Holubtsi (plural) are cabbage rolls that are filled with meat and rice and stewed for some time in a tomato sauce. 


Holubtsi are the most iconic dish on any celebration table in Ukraine. Holubtsi might remind you of dolmades (stuffed vine leaves) in Greece or Turkey. 

The best basic holubtsi in town is surprisingly at the cafeteria Puzata Hata (it’s a chain of restaurants in Ukraine that serves traditional Ukrainian dishes).

Chicken Kyiv (Kiev)

Chicken Kyiv is quite a famous dish around the world. It is a breaded and fried chicken stuffed with butter and herbs. 

Ukrainian Cuisine: Chicken Kyiv

Of course, if you are planning on visiting Kyiv, it is best to try this iconic Ukrainian dish in the capital, however if Lviv is your only option go to 36Po (it is a very cute restaurant with a summer terrace and open rooftop, plus they have great beer).


Syrnyky (plural) are thick small pancakes made of cottage cheese and flour. It is a classic Ukrainian breakfast. 

Syrnykiy are usually served with jams or honey. They go well with a cup of tea or coffee. 


You can find syrnyky pretty much in every restaurant or cafes that offers breakfast, but there is one place I highly recommend – Cheese Bakery (the place is pretty hidden, so it is difficult for foreigners to end up there, unless they know about this place).


Pampushky (plural) are garlic bread (buns) that are often served with borscht (as I mentioned before). 

Ukrainian Cuisine: Pampushky

Eating pampushky with borscht is the best way to eat them, but really you can have pampushky with any type of soup. 

Kyiv Cake

Kyiv cake is one of the most famous cakes in Ukraine. It is a decadent cake made of layers of sponge cake, buttercream, and hazelnuts.

It is one of those cakes that people get on special occasions. You can try a slice of this cake at almost any dessert shop in Lviv. I would recommend – Cukor (sugar) dessert shop. Or you can buy a whole Kyiv cake at any Roshen store. 

Discovering Ukrainian Cuisine: A Culinary Tour of Ukraine’s Most Delicious Dishes In Lviv

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