Three of the best day trips from Oslo for young travellers

Full of charm, Norway is a popular destination for travellers looking to experience a slower, more sustainable pace of life. The stunning natural backdrop, welcoming towns and fresh local food draws in thousands of tourists per year, and it’s easy to understand why. There’s something in the air here; you’ll come away feeling rejuvenated and calm.

There’s plenty to do on a trip to the capital city of Oslo, but it’s also a good base if you want to explore further afield during your time in this Scandinavian gem. Taking the time to visit some of the local beauty spots and smaller towns is a fantastic way to experience the most authentic version of this amazing country. In this post, we share three day trips to add to your itinerary.


Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash

If you’re craving a slower pace of life, then Drøbak is a must-visit destination when you’re in Norway. Full of traditional-style houses, charming shops, cafes and galleries, it’s easy to spend a day here just watching the world go by, or snapping some photos.

If you’re visiting in the winter, then make sure to find your way to the Julehuset, or Christmas house. Whilst this attraction is open all year round, it’s best enjoyed in the cooler months, bringing a spark of festive spirit to your trip. Make sure to leave room in your bag to stock up on quaint souvenirs like Christmas mice, candlesticks and napkins to adorn your Yuletide table.

This magical place is just as appealing in the summer. Popular with swimmers and sunbathers, and famous for its sunsets that glow above the Oslo Fjord, you’re sure to find an ideal spot to enjoy a sundowner.

Lake Mjøsa

Image by Ivar Ødegaard from Pixabay. Day trips from Oslo

The fourth-deepest lake in Norway, this is a fantastic place to get some of the picture-perfect snaps to grace your social media pages, as well as experiencing the natural beauty of this country. Best enjoyed in the warmer months, you can get here by train from Oslo in about an hour and a quarter. Or, if you don’t mind travelling a bit further, get the train to Gjøvik and then hop on the classic paddlesteamer for a unique experience.

There’s no tick list of activities to do here; instead, take a breath, relax and enjoy the views.


Photo by Arvid Høidahl on Unsplash. Day trips from Oslo

For a trip back in history, head to the charming town of Fredrikstad. One of the best preserved towns in Northern Europe, you can easily lose track of time wandering around the cobbled streets, appreciating the traditional buildings and defensive walls that protect the town.

Renowned for its artist studios and galleries, as well as its calendar of concerts and festivals, this is a must-visit spot for any culture lover – or perhaps just someone who wants to enjoy a drink in a historic setting.

No matter where you decide to visit in Norway, you’re sure to have an amazing time.

Three of the best day trips from Oslo for young travellers


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