Lviv Restaurant Review: Epic Cheeseburger Café

Cody and I have always had crushed hopes when getting cheeseburgers in Europe. Not that every place does a bad job, but I do think the majority don’t do it as good as Americans. In fact, the best cheeseburger I’ve ever had was at Great Leap Brewery in Beijing, China, a gastropub started by two American expats. However when Epic Cheeseburger Café opened in Lviv we decided to give them a chance, and wow were we impressed.

 Epic Cheeseburger Café, the facade.

Everything is made in house and everything we have had is delicious. Their burger bun bread is a light and airy brioche, and the meat is tasty with the right amount of fat to meat. Not to mention their own epic craft beer.

Burger bun bread is a light and airy brioche

I recommend if it is your first time to start with their namesake Epic Cheeseburger. You will feel like a fat little piggy afterwards, but it is definitely a worthwhile experience. It is a double cheeseburger on a parmesan crusted bun served with a boat of melted cheese to dip the entire burger into. I don’t know about you, but that deserves a spot in the foodporn hall of fame.

Lviv Restaurant Review: Epic Cheeseburger Café

The restaurant itself is situated on two levels plus an outdoor terrace when the weather is good. I don’t quite understand the art direction they were going for so I’ll just have to call it eclectic, but it was not off putting at all. The restaurant is usually crowded and I have had to wait for a table before, but usually there is always something available.

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Restaurant in Lviv

Epic Cheeseburger Café is easy to get to as it is just a minute walk from the center of Rynok Square, the center of Lviv. The actual menu has lots of stuff, but I do recommend sticking with the burgers, at least for your first time there. This place is mainly popular with Ukrainians, but I have seen tourists in the restaurant every once in a while…maybe when they get tired of Ukrainian food.

Epic Cheeseburger Café, the kitchen
The kitchen of Epic Cheeseburger Café

Appetizers: $3-$4

The menue
The different restaurants under the Cukor group

Burger: $6-$10


Beer: $3


Location: Halytska St, 15, Lviv, Lviv Oblast, 79000

Jet Set Together was not paid by Epic Cheeseburger Café which was featured in this article, nor were we compensated with free food for a good review. This is just a restaurant I happen to like and think you will too.

Lviv Restaurant Review: Epic Cheeseburger Café

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