Lviv Treats

In this article I am going to talk about places in Lviv that you should visit to understand the real taste of Lviv. If you like to experiment, if you are open to new things then this information is for you! I hope you will find this list of Lviv treats useful and will enjoy a true taste of Lviv!

These Lviv treats can all be done in one afternoon so if you want to make a fun day of it, try hitting them all up one after another. They are all around Rynok Square so all within 5 minutes walk of each other.

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Drunken Cherry

The entrance to the Drunken cherry
The entrance to the Drunken Cherry

Out of all the Lviv treats, Drunken Cherry might be the most famous. This institution is an integral part of Lviv. If you are in the central square (Rynok) in Lviv you will notice a crowd of cheerful people, and rest assured they are tasting a cherry tincture.

Cherry tincture in Lviv
Cherry tincture

Cherry tincture is a traditional drink that is usually made at home and served as a quick drink. The drink is considered low alcohol, but be careful how much you drink. Due to the sweetness and aroma you will not notice how easily you can be intoxicated.

Souvenirs at the drunken cherry
Drunken cherry

Places offering cherry liquor can be easily found in the center of Lviv and having a glass is one of the top things to do in Lviv. A crowd and an interesting showcase will be sure to grab your attention.

Ceiling made of the bottles with the cherry tincture at Drunken cherry
Ceiling made of the bottles with the cherry tincture

Key Information

Address: Rynok Square, 11;

Hours: every day from 10 AM to 12 AM;

Price: around $3

Service: excellent;

Coffee Mine

The store at the coffee mine in Lviv
The store at the coffee mine

It is said that in Lviv people drink water, beer and coffee in equal quantities. Delicious coffee is one of the features of this city. No wonder there is even a coffee museum in Lviv. Going into this coffee shop – museum you will immediately smell the freshly ground coffee.

Coffee grinder at the coffee mine in Lviv
Coffee grinder

Here you can buy different types of coffee and everything to make it, as well as different coffee syrups and sweets. Here you will also be able to go down to a mysterious dungeon where you can see how coffee is mined (that’s a joke, of course).

The way to the coffee mine
The way to the coffee mine

There is a cafe in the dungeon where you can grab a drink. Coming out of the dungeon you will find yourself in a beautiful terrace with a glass ceiling. From time to time live music is played here and you can order delicious coffee and various desserts. It feels especially romantic when it is raining and you can simply enjoy the coziness, light music, delicious coffee and the sound of rain sitting under a glass ceiling.

Glass terrace at the coffee mine in Lviv
Glass terrace

Key Information

Address: Rynok Square, 10;

Hours: 8 AM  to 12 AM, without days off ;

Price: reasonable;

Service: excellent;

Chocolate Factory

The store on the second floor at the chocolate factory
Store on the second floor

Lviv chocolate workshop. One of the must-visit places for everyone who loves sweets. Only by looking at the building of a chocolate workshop you are transported to your childhood. Various toy sculptures placed on the facade of the house will cause admiration and smiles even on the faces of adults. On the ground floor there are several tables for visitors and a small shop, but that’s not all.

Cafe on the first and fourth floors at chocolate factory
Cafe on the first floor

Climb to the second floor, that’s where the magic happens. Wide varieties of chocolates for every taste. Here you will find truffles, marzipan with different toppings, different types of chocolate with different nuts, chocolate with fruit, chocolate with liquor, chocolate in the form of different animals, shoes, hearts, cars and weapons, and even adult chocolate in the form of different poses from the Kamasutra.

Second floor, Chocolate factory

In this shop you can also buy Lviv coffee, beautiful coffee cups and interesting children’s books and coloring books. This is a great place to visit with your kids and just with your friends. Two floors above there is a very romantic cafe where you can enjoy delicious melted chocolate and various desserts.

Lviv coffee at the chocolate factory
Lviv coffee

On the roof there is an outdoor terrace giving a nice view of the city and surrounding buildings. While Cody and I like to stay inside because it is more cozy, I do recommend you venture outside and snap a quick picture of the vista.

Key Information

Address: Serbska St, 3

Hours: every day from 9 AM to 10 PM

Price: reasonable;

Service: good;


Entrance to the beer theater in Lviv
Entrance to the beer theater

The beer theater “Pravda“. This is a restaurant that catches your attention if you are a beer lover. The idea of ​​this institution is to create a unique taste of Lviv. It is a relatively new establishment, but in three years they have collected 14 medals in world beer competitions. The best brewers are invited here and unique flavors are created here.

Store on the first floor at Pravda
Store on the first floor

Going into the restaurant you will be surprised at how big it is. The restaurant has three floors, on the second there is a stage, also in the basement there is a quiet hall and in warm weather opens a summer terrace near the restaurant.

The third floor of the beer theater
Third floor, Pravda

On weekends, in the evenings, almost all tables are occupied, live music is played and the best beer is served.

Restaurant on the third floor at beer theater Pravda
Pravda restaurant

Key Information

Address: Torhovyy Dim Tsipperiv, Rynok Square

Hours: every day from 10 AM to 2 AM;

Price: reasonable;

Service: good;

Galician Alchemy

Galician Alchemy in Lviv, entrance
Galician Alchemy

To the right of the summer terrace of the Gas Lamp restaurant is an interesting little store. This shop looks like it is constantly undergoing chemical experiments or boiling magical potions, but in reality it is delicious fruit tinctures. It is the newest feature on my Lviv treats list, but definitely one of the must try places.

Tinctures at Galician Alchemy in Lviv

When passing by this place be sure to taste one of the tinctures. The alcohol is not strong and the taste is great.

Fruit tinctures at Galician Alchemy

Here you will also be able to take original and unique photos, as the facade of the store is very unusual and interesting.

The souvenir store at Galician Alchemy
The store at Galician Alchemy

Key Information

Address: Virmens’ka St, 20

Hours: every day from 11 AM to 2 AM;

Price: low;

Service: excellent;

Lviv Treats

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