Ten Lviv Museums You Should Visit

Arriving in a new city always raises the question of what to visit in the first place and how not to miss something interesting and important. Especially if you are traveling in Europe where there can be hundreds of museums and architectural monuments in one city. The same question arises if you came to Lviv. There are many Lviv museums and in this article you will find out which ones are the most unique and interesting.

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  1. Lvivarnya
  2. Coffee Mine
  3. The Italian Courtyard
  4. Pharmacy Museum
  5. Museum of Glass
  6. Bandinelli Palace
  7. Arsenal Museum
  8. Potocki Palace
  9. Museum of Ethnography
  10. Museum of Folk Architecture and Life

1. Lviv Museums: Lvivarnya

Beer museum in Lviv. One of the most interesting Lviv museums
Inside the Beer museum

This is the museum and cultural complex of beer history “Lvivarnaya”. Here you can feel like a brewer and learn about the history of brewing.

Lviv museums. Beer museum in Lviv
Bathtub filled with beer

This museum has 10 exhibition halls and more than 200 exhibits of the history of beer making in Lviv and all over Europe.

Steins in Lviv museums
Steins in Beer museum

Not only can you get acquainted with the history of brewing and take lots of pictures, but also to have a tasting.

The beer tasting in Lviv museum. Lvivarnya
Beer tasting

If you are a fan of craft beer check out other craft brewers in Lviv.

Key Information

Address: 18 Kleparivska st.;

Hours: 10 AM to 7 PM, without days off; 

Price: for adults – 60 UAH for children less than 7 years – free of charge.

2. Lviv Museums: Coffee Mine

The coffee roasting machine in Lviv coffee museum
Coffee museum

This is the so-called coffee museum. Walking into the premises you will immediately feel the aroma of freshly ground coffee. Here you can buy everything for coffee: coffee cups, coffee makers, syrups for coffee, cup holders, various types of coffee and more.

Lviv museums.The store at the Coffee mines
The store at the exit of coffee mines

Coffee Mine is mentioned in my article: Lviv Treats.

The store inside the coffee museum in Lviv
Everything for the lovers of coffee

This cute shop leads to the underground – coffee mines. Before going into the dungeon, you will be given a helmet to avoid accidentally hitting your head, since the passageways in the dungeon are not high.

Coffee mines. The entrance to the dungeon
Coffee mines

Here you can take some pictures by pretending to be a coffee miner, as well as order a special “Coffee Bruegel”.  This coffee is covered with sugar and the sugar is caramelized at your table using a big torch. Coming out of the dungeon you will find yourself in a cute glass terrace where live music is played from time to time. 

Glass terrace in Lviv museum of coffee
Glass terrace

Key Information

Address: Lesya Kurbasa Street, 4 ;

Hours: 8 AM  to 12 AM, without days off; 

Price: free of charge.

3.Lviv Museums: Italian Courtyard & Royal Halls

Italian courtyard as a part nof Lviv museums
Italian courtyard

Lviv History Museum. Department of Historic Treasures and the Italian Courtyard. This museum is located in the royal halls.

Royal halls as a part of Lviv museums
Royal halls

Here you can enjoy the halls of late classicism and beautiful antique furniture that harmoniously complement the interior of the rooms.

Royal halls in Lviv as a museum
Royal halls

But that’s not all; the house has access to the famous Lviv Italian Courtyard, which also has several historical monuments on it territory. In the Italian courtyard you can enjoy a cup of coffee at the local coffee shop. 

Italian courtyard - Lviv museum
Italian courtyard

Key Information

Address: Rynok Square, 6;

Hours: every day 10 AM to 10:30 PM; 

Price: 20 UAH .

4. Lviv Museums: Pharmacy Museum

The entrance to the Pharmacy Museum in Lviv
The entrance to the Pharmacy Museum

Lviv Pharmacy Museum “Under the Black Eagle”. It is the only pharmacy museum in Europe that was founded more than 200 years ago, in 1735 and is still operating.

The exhibition hall in Pharmacy museum in Lviv
Pharmacy museum

At this pharmacy you will be able to buy medicine and for a nominal fee go to the exhibition halls, of which there are 16.

One of the exhibition halls in Pharmacy museum in Lviv is a dungeon
Dungeon in Pharmacy museum

You will be able to look back two hundred years ago and see what supplies were used and how they have changed throughout history.

Exhibition hall in Pharmacy museum. Part of the most interesting Lviv museums
Exhibition hall in Pharmacy museum

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Key Information

Address: street Drukarska, 2 (at the corner of Rynok Square).

Hours: Mon-Fri. 9 AM to 7 PM; Sat.-Sun. 10 AM to 5 PM; 

Price: adults – 30 UAH; children, students, pensioners – 15 UAH.

5. Lviv Museums: Museum of Glass

The exhibition in museum of glass
Glass museum

It is the only museum of historical glass in Ukraine. Some exhibits date back to the 2nd century AD.

The museum is located in dungeons in Lviv. Part of the most interesting Lviv museums
Dungeon in Glass museum

The museum is not big, so it won’t take long. There is a shop in the museum where you can buy glass souvenirs.

The store at the Lviv museum of glass
The store
Entrance to the museum of glass in Lviv
Entrance to the museum of glass

Key Information

Address: Sq. Rynok, 2 (entrance from Stavropiyska St.)

Hours: 10 AM to 6 PM

Price: adults – 20 UAH; children, students, pensioners – 10 UAH.

6. Lviv Museums: Bandinelli Palace

The exhibition hall in Lviv museum - Bandinelli palace
Bandinelli palace, 2nd floor

Mail Museum. This museum is located in Bandinelli Palace. The house was built in 1593.

The exhibition hall in Bandinelli palace
Bandinelli palace

Roberto Bandinelli (an Italian merchant from Florence) obtained citizenship of Lviv and bought this house. He then started a European-style post office.

The inside courtyard in Bandinelli palace as a part of Lviv museums
The inside courtyard

In 2005, the house was renovated and the museum opened. The museum is quite interesting, especially for those who want to take interesting photos.

Inside Bandinelli palace in Lviv. Lviv museums
Bandinelli palace

Key Information

Address: Sq. Rynok, 2;

Hours: 10 AM to 5 PM (except Wednesday);

Price: 40 UAH.

7. Lviv Museums: Arsenal

The entrance to the Arsenal
Entrance to the Arsenal museum

The Arsenal Museum is one of the most popular Lviv museums.

The Arsenal museum as a part of most interesting Lviv museums
Second floor, Arsenal museum

The large variety of weapons from the XI to the early XX century will not make you bored.

Cannons and armors at the Arsenal
Cannons and armors

Here you will learn about the variety of spears and swords and how weapons have changed over the course of ten centuries.

Armors at the Arsenal museum
Armors at the Arsenal museum

And a nice bonus, there is a great restaurant under the Arsenal Museum, where you can try delicious pork ribs and Lviv beer. Out of all the Lviv museums, this one definitely has the best attached restaurant!

Key Information

Address: Pidvalna str., 5

Hours:  10 AM to 5:30 PM (except Wednesday)

Price: adults – 50 UAH; children, students, pensioners – 30 UAH; family – 110 UAH.

8. Lviv Museums: Potocki Palace

The front of the Potocki palace where is located an art gallery
The front of the Potocki Palace

The Potocki Palace was founded in 1880 by the Potocki family, designed by the French architect Ludwig de Verni.

The entrance to Potocki palace
The entrance to the courtyard

At the moment there is an art museum and it has a collection of European art of the XIV-XVIII centuries. This palace is stunning and deserves your attention.

Potocki palace from behind.
Pototcki Palace

Key Information

Address: Copernika str.,15;

Hours: 11 AM to 6 PM (Tue – Frid); 10 AM to 6 PM (Sat – Sun); Mon – day off;

Price: 50 UAH

9. Lviv Museums: Museum Of Ethnography

Museum of Ethnography one of the best Lviv museums
Museum of Ethnography

Pay attention to the roof of the Museum of Ethnography in Lviv

The Museum of Ethnography in Lviv

The Museum of Ethnography in Lviv is located near the Opera House and is the only museum of ethnography in Ukraine.

The entrance to the second floor in museum of Ethnography in Lviv
The entrance to the second floor

This museum has over 90,000 exhibits dedicated to Ukrainian culture and art. Here you will find many interesting things from stained glass windows to furniture with secret drawers.

Inside the museum of Ethnography in Lviv
Museum of Ethnography

The museum building itself is quite interesting – the ceiling is decorated with beautiful stucco molding, and at the entrance there are wonderful old stairs.

Museum of Ethnography in Lviv, the first floor
Museum of Ethnography

Key Information

Address: Svobody Avenue, 15

Opening hours: 11 AM – 5 PM (except Monday)

Price: adults – 60 UAH; you have to pay if you want to take pictures 40 UAH;

10. Lviv Museums: Folk Architecture And Life

Museum of Folk Architecture as a part of Lviv museums
Museum of Folk Architecture

The Lviv Museums of Folk Architecture and Life in Lviv is located near the High Castle Park, on the territory of the Znesinnya Park. It is one museum, with a bunch of different sections. In fact, there is a separate section for every region of Ukraine!

 Museum of Folk Architectures, inside a wooden house
Museum of Folk Architecture, inside a wooden house

Historic buildings from different parts of Western Ukraine were moved here. There are 124 architectural monuments divided into 6 ethnographic zones.

Museum of Folk Architecture, wooden barn
Museum of Folk Architecture, wooden barn

In this park – the museum often holds a variety of fairs and weddings in folk style.

 Museum of Folk Architecture in Lviv, old wooden church
Museum of Folk Architecture, old wooden church

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Key Information

Address: str. Chernecha Hora  (Monk Mountain), 1

Hours: 10 AM – 6 PM (Mon – Sun);

Price: for adults – 40 UAH; for kids and students – 20 UAH;

What do you think about this list of Lviv museums? Let me know your favorites in the comments!

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