Romantic Spots In Lviv

Lviv is the cultural capital of Ukraine, and if you know anything about this city then you know that Lviv is a very charming and romantic place itself. But for those who want to have a truly special, and romantic time with their partner I made a list of the best romantic spots to visit in Lviv.

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Walk Around The Old Town

View from the Ratusha
View from the Ratusha

The city of Lviv is extremely charming with its narrow cobble stone streets and old Austrian buildings (by the way, the reason we have so many Austrian style buildings because at one time Lviv was a part of Austrian Empire) decorated with cool statues and plaster work. The whole city is kind of a museum full of great churches, theatres, fountains, and squares.

Romantic Spots In Lviv: Lviv buildings

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If you want to have a nice romantic walk in the city, then start from the heart of the old town, Ploshcha Rynok (Market Square). This is the main square of Lviv with the Ratusha – Lviv Town Hall and many charming buildings.

Ratusha Lviv Town Hall

Rausha has a clock tower that you can climb up and enjoy a great view of the city.

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Romantic Spots In Lviv: Lviv Opera Theatre
Lviv Opera Theatre.

From Ratusha you actually can do loops walking further away from the center. This way you are most likely to see all the cute streets of Lviv covered in flowers, one of the oldest churches and temples, and of course the amazing Lviv Opera Theatre.

Lviv Restaurants

One of the highlights of Lviv are the restaurants. Why? Well, the restaurant culture is very interesting and unique in Lviv. People here like to make something special of every old thing, especially if it was a part of Lviv history or just a good story.

The Most Expensive Galician Restaurant
The Most Expensive Galician Restaurant

For example for a ‘romantic’ and kind of exotic date you can go to Masoch Café. This place is located in the house of  Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. And you may already understand who this person is and what his surname represents. Yes, that is right, Leopold von Sacher-Masoch was the first man who was diagnosed with the masochism disorder and the doctor who treated him named the disorder after him. The story of Masoch is quite interesting and you can read more here.

Masoch Café
Masoch Café

The Masoch Café has an incredibly special atmosphere. The whole place exudes sexuality and masochism from the half-darkness and soft light and the cute and sexy waiters and waitresses will have no problem whipping you as you enjoy your drinks. Along the wall are unique instruments and drawings (although everything is not that creepy as you might think). Although strange as it sounds, the place is very charming, interesting and can show you how open minded you or your partner can be. By the way, the cocktails are extremely delicious there.

The picture in BDSM style
Masoch Café

Another restaurant to have a fancy dinner and enjoy delicious food and drinks can be Baczewski. It is also located in the center of the Old Town in the house of Baczewskii. This Polish family are famous for their high quality vodka. The restaurant is a very charming place with lots of history. Usually this restaurant is packed, so to have dinner there try to call or send an email in advance to book a table in the winter garden, this is the most romantic part of the restaurant.

Romantic Spots In Lviv: Mons Pius
Mons Pius

Lviv is famous in Ukraine for its “Lviv Chocolate Factory”, the place where you can buy chocolates and have a great date on the 4th or 5th floor in a very charming romantic café. There you can enjoy coffees, hot chocolates, milk cocktails and many different deserts. The place is great for romantic moments, soft talks and long kisses.

Lviv Chocolate Factory
Lviv Chocolate Factory

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Although I already named a few of the nice romantic places in Lviv, there are so many more awesome places. Here is a list of the Amazing Themed Restaurants in Lviv.

Lviv Museums

I know, you probably think “Museums, are not romantic at all”. Maybe, but not in Lviv. Lviv has these incredible museums that are super romantic. So, let’s see what we have here.

Romantic Spots In Lviv: Coffee Mine Museum
Coffee Mine Museum

One of the amazing places for those who enjoy a good cup of coffee is the Coffee Mine Museum. Yes, that is right, I said Coffee Mine. This place has a few parts. There are two rooms full of everything you possibly need to make a great coffee, then there are a few rooms that are a café, a glass terrace with live music that is also a café and the most important part – Coffee Mine. The coffee mine is a tunnel where you can see how coffee has been mined and transported, the tools that are have been used in the olden times, and an underground café where you can get a coffee brulee (Zapaiana Kava) that a waiter will make on your table. Of course, the coffee mine museum is a bit of a joke, but I didn’t tell you that all Lviv museums are “proper”.

Beer Museum
Beer Museum

Another museum that I love is Museum Apteka (Pharmacy Museum). This place was opened in 1735, and even till now it is an active pharmacy. Behind the salesperson there is a secret door that leads to the chain of underground tunnels. These tunnels are where the first owner of this place was creating medicines. To get there just tell the salesperson that you want to see the museum and she will show you the way.

 Museum Apteka (Pharmacy Museum)
Museum Apteka (Pharmacy Museum)

There are many other museums that you can enjoy on a date in Lviv. Click here to see Ten Great Museums In Lviv.

Walk In A Park

To have a romantic walk you of course can simply go to a park and Lviv is home to many beautiful parks. Here is a list of my four favorite parks.

Ivana Franka Park

Romantic Spots In Lviv: Ivana Franka Park
Romantic Spots In Lviv

This park is located in the center of Lviv, across the street from the Ivan Franko University. This park is quite big and there won’t be a problem to find a quiet and lonely place. Ivan Franko park has many comfortable benches and if you have a blanket, you can just sit on the grass and enjoy the greenery and many cute red squirrels jumping from a bench to a bench. At the beginning of the park there is a small square with many tables, umbrellas, and a food court. Nothing fancy, but it’s a great place to enjoy a cheap beer and people watch.

Ivana Franka Park

Vysokyi Zamok

Vysokyi Zamok is quiet a small park that is located on the hill where there was a fortress a long time ago. Nowadays is a great looking point. The park goes from the bottom of the hill to its top and the walking path looks like a spiral. Although the hill is not that steep, the walk up can be pretty tiring, so bring a bottle of water and wear comfortable shoes.

I must tell you guys, that the park can be a bit crowded, especially on the weekends, although the view still is worthy of your effort.

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Stryivskyi Park

A little bit further away from the center of Lviv, but still a walkable distance is located the charming Stryivskyi Park. This is one of the most romantic parks in Lviv. Stryivskyi park is also one of the biggest parks in Lviv. There you can see ponds and lakes that are homes to white swans. There are many cute fountains and interesting statues dedicated to Ukrainian fairy tales. Stryivskyi Park has a football field and even a Children’s railway that works every weekend and during Lviv festivals.

Stryivskyi park is perfect for long romantic walks, picnics and quality family time.

Tarasa Shevchenka Park

Tarasa Shevchenka Park is not just a park it is also an open-air museum and you can read about it in my Lviv Museums article. This Park contains historical houses, churches, schools, and other buildings that are made of wood and clay and were brought from all the regions of Ukraine. Basically, this is a collection of villages from 500 years ago.

Tarasa Shevchenka Park
Romantic Spots In Lviv

It is a great place for a nice romantic walk and to learn how Ukraine looked a long time ago. The park itself is massive with many trails that lead to the hills, between the dens, and around the lakes. By the way, on the lake live a family of swans that you can feed with corn left by the park workers.

Tarasa Shevchenka Park

This park is fantastic and you will spend there not less than two hours, so as usual: water, comfortable shoes and bring a jacket since it is basically a forest and in some places sun cannot get through the thicket of trees.

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Day Trip To The Lviv Castles

Romantic Spots In Lviv: Olesko Castle
Olesko Castle

One of the nice romantic getaways in Lviv is a day trip to Lviv Castles. There are three amazing old castles (Olesko CastlePidhirtsi Castle and Zlochev Castle) built when Lviv was part of the Kingdom of Poland. They are places that any visitor to Lviv should visit anyways, but it also makes a great couple’s trip if you are a bit more adventurous.

Pidhirtsi Castle
Pidhirtsi Castle

Get snacks, water, comfy shoes, and photo camera and enjoy this trip together. I already wrote an article about this day trip, so click here for more information about the Day Trip To The Lviv Castles.

Zolochiv castle lviv
Zlochev Castle

Romantic Spots In Lviv

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