Anchousna Vid Chornomorky; the hit new seafood spot in Lviv

Lviv is known for its great restaurants, from the traditional themed like Kryivka, to the fusion of food and art like Kryva Lipa. I can (and have) talked so much about different Lviv restaurants on this site, as it’s where I live, but I haven’t talked about Anchousna Vid Chornomorky yet.

Anchousna Vid Chornomorky in Lviv

The first time I visited this restaurant was at their Kyiv location. Yes, this is a chain, however don’t let that put you off. Chains in Ukraine tend to be chains because they do too much business for one location, and that the idea is easily replicable. That being said, Ukrainians will never go back to a place if they’ve had a bad experience so this isn’t like going to Applebee’s or TGIFridays just because it is convenient.

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Anchousna Vid Chornomorky in Lviv

Anchousna Vid Chornomorky is a seafood restaurant, which may not sound appetizing when you know that Lviv is not on the coast. However they do pride themselves on the freshness of the food. In fact, fresh fish and shellfish is delivered every day from all over Europe, and if they don’t get it, it’s not on the menu.

You can actually see on the menu the daily offerings, as well as get advice from the serving staff on what is best.


Right upon walking in we saw a tank of oysters of different sizes from all over Europe. I’m a big fan of oysters so we started with a plate of a dozen French No.3s.

Anchousna Vid Chornomorky in Lviv

As it was Saturday night the place was packed. Cody and I ended up at a small two person table and immediately ordered our drinks. Other than the oysters we also got some garlic sauteed calamari, and a whole big plate of fried anchovies. I do like how you can order by the gram here which is great to suit different people’s hunger levels.

Our meal

I will say that the service staff was not up to scratch in my opinion. However the place did just open so I can only assume they are still being trained. It was annoying having to ask for a beer 3 times before our waiter brought it to us. That being said, everyone was friendly and seemed like they were trying their best so I’m hoping with a bit more experience they will be better next time I go.

the restaurant

Another complaint is that the tables are too close together. It seems like they wanted to cram as many tables in side as possible, which meant a lot of butting elbows and backs of chairs.

However, I will state that my overall opinion of Anchousna Vid Chornomorky in Lviv is positive and that I will definitely be going back. After all, it’s so rare to get great oysters for such a good price.

Price Range: $$

Recommendation: Yes

Location: Kornyakta St, 1, Lviv, Lviv Oblast, 79008

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