How To Visit St. Olha And Elizabeth Church In Lviv

Lviv is one of the most beautiful cities in Ukraine. And if you know a bit of Lviv history, then you know that this city was under the Austrian Empire, Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Polish Rule, and the Soviet Union until it become a part of independent Ukraine. Everything in this city screams about a mix of cultures and tradition and that is what makes Lviv so special. Each building in the Lviv Old Town has a long and interesting history and one of these buildings is the St. Olha and Elizabeth church.

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St. Olga And Elizabeth Church

St. Olha And Elizabeth Church is one of the tallest building in Lviv (90 meters) that is worth a visit while travelling in Lviv for three reasons.

First, the building itself is majestic. The beautiful façade with the most detailed entrance arch will take your breath away. The interior is rather empty with preserved neo-Gothic ambo and marble altar. The columns and the pattern on the ceiling somehow reminds me of the famous La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

a statue next to the St. Olga And Elizabeth Church
The statue of Stepana Bandery

Second, the history of the creation of this church. The church was built by Franj Joseph I in honour of his wife, The Empress Elizabeth of Bavaria (Habsburg), also known as Sisi. She was one of the most beloved empresses at that time and her death (she was shot) was a huge tragedy.

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It took 8 years to built decorate the church and it was finished in 1912. Unfortunately, the building was damaged by a bomb during WWII and after the war during the Soviet Union Regime the church was turned into the warehouse and was slowly falling apart. Originally it was built as a Roman Catholic Church and in 1991 it become a Ukrainian Greek Catholic church and was restored.

the view from the church tower
The view from the church tower

And the third reason, the observational deck with a charming view of the city. The St. Olha And Elizabeth Church allows people to climb one of the churches towers and enjoy the 360° view of the city. You can see from there the main railway station, the line where the new and old city meet, and of course, the statue of Stepana Bandery next to the church.

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Key Information

Schedule: Monday – Saturday from 12:00 to 17:00, Sunday from 13:30 to 17:00.

Price: to visit the tower 20 UAH ($0.8)

Address: Sq. Kropyvnytskyi, 1

How To Visit St. Olha And Elizabeth Church In Lviv

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