Cocktail Bars In Lviv | Where To Go For Awesome Cocktails

1. Libraria

Libraria always seems to pop up on a lot of lists for best cocktail bars in Lviv, and for good reason. The bar itself is located on the second and third floor of an unassuming residential building right in the heart of the old town and if you don’t know how to get there it can be tricky. In a way it is like a speakeasy because there are no signs instructing you where to go.

Libraria is a speakeasy

The inside does look like the library in a manor house. The walls are lined with dark wood shelves filled with real books. Comfortable leather seating is all over, and the music is modern renditions of jazz classics (think Postmodern Jukebox). More than the atmosphere though, are the cocktails.

Cocktail Bars In Lviv: Libraria

Libraria markets its bartenders as cocktail chemists, and one look at their menu tells you why. There are over 20 different signature cocktails with ingredients you could never imagine. Of course, they still serve all the classics, but if you are looking for something you can’t find anywhere else, then Libraria is the cocktail bar for you.

Libraria in Lviv

Cocktail Price: 140-200 UAH (about $6-$8)

Address: Lesi Ukrainky St, 14, Lviv, Lviv Oblast, 79000

2. Masoch Café

Masoch Café, or Mazokha, has popped up on a few of my articles here on Jet Set Together and is very well one of the most famous places in Lviv, at least for Ukrainians. Walking in you are supposed to be reminded of a sex dungeon and if you aren’t careful there may be some abuse coming to you.

Cocktail Bars In Lviv: Masoch Cafe

The cocktail bar itself has over a dozen signature cocktails, all with humorous dirty names, and some of them come with different types of punishment. Don’t let the gimmick fool you, the quality of these drinks are top notch. The master cocktail craftsmen use great and unique ingredients so, like Libraria, you can try something you’ve never had before.

Masoch Cafe

Masoch Cafe is also featured in my article: Themed Restaurants In Lviv and Masoch Cafe & Masochism In Lviv

Cocktail Price: 120-220 UAH (about $5-$9)

Address: Serbska St, 7, Lviv, Lviv Oblast, 79000

3. 4friends Whiskey Pub

Cocktail Bars In Lviv: 4friends

While the name suggests Whiskey, 4friends is actually one of my favorite cocktail bars in Lviv. They have about a dozen signature cocktails, and I think I’ve had almost all of them. Well, they did change their menu last year so there’s still new stuff for me to try. If you do want whiskey they have a grand selection, but check their cocktail menu and see if anything catches your eye.

4friends whiskey pub

The main area is located in the basement so there is a bit of a cave feel. There are I believe 5 different “chambers” that each hold about 3-4 tables so if you want a quiet area it isn’t hard to find on an average night. The music is subtle and I would not say the clientele is students like many places in Lviv. In fact, most people I end up talking to here are people on business trips from Poland, Germany, or even America.

Cocktail Bars In Lviv: 4friends whiskey pub

Prices: 140-190 UAH (about $6-$8)

Address: Dzhokhar Dudaev St, 2, Lviv, Lviv Oblast, 79000

Pretty High Kitchen

Pretty High Kitchen is a mainly a restaurant with a unique concept (they have no menu), but they serve up some fantastic cocktails. They don’t have signatures but they do classics extremely well. Whether you want something from a 1920’s cocktail book, or a modern classic, this place will satisfy.

Cocktail Bars In Lviv: Pretty high kitchen

The atmosphere is nice too. It is eclectic with music coming from vinyl records and it is usually swing or big band. I would suggest getting dinner here because the food is delicious, and it is something to experience for any tourist to Lviv. Do note that you’ll have to walk up four flights of stairs to get there because as the name suggests, it’s pretty high up.

Cocktail Bars In Lviv: Pretty high kitchen

Want More Information? Check out my article A Restaurant With No Menu? A Look Into Pretty High Kitchen Lviv.

Prices: 125 UAH ($5)

Address: Rynok sqr., 14, Lviv, Lviv Oblast, 79000


Like Pretty High Kitchen, Baczewski is a restaurant as much as a cocktail bar. However you are more than welcome to sit directly at the bar and watch the bartender craft their signature cocktails. In fact, Baczewski is a vodka manufacturer and the restaurant uses their signature vodka for many drinks. The restaurant can be difficult to get a reservation, but if you are by yourself and just want a nice cocktail, sit at the bar.

It is hard to explain the atmosphere of this restaurant, but it is one of the must visit restaurants in Lviv and it is located in an old building in the old town. I guess I would consider it a classy place, but you don’t need to worry about a dress code. In good weather they open up the outdoor terrace where you can enjoy food and cocktails while watching passers by.

Baczewski is also featured in my article: Themed Restaurants In Lviv

Prices: 150 UAH ($6)

Address: Shevska Street, 8, Lviv, Lviv Oblast, 79000

Jet Set Together was not paid by any of the restaurants or bars featured in this article, nor were we compensated with free food for a good review. These are all places Cody and I like to go to and we hope you will too.

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Cocktail Bars In Lviv | Where To Go For Awesome Cocktails

Cocktail Bars in Lviv
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