How To Get To Krios And Marcello Beaches

If you’re visiting Paros chances are you’ve gotten there one of two ways. Either by plane, to Paros airport, or by ferry, to Parikia harbour. There are of course some more obscure ways to arrive but for the sake of this post I’ll assume you’ve found your way to this island already. Once here, you’ll want to know how to get to Krios and Marcello beaches as they are one of the nicest places to relax and swim on the whole island.

Paros is a small but beautiful island part of the Cyclades, in the Aegean sea. Being part of Greece’s most popular island chain means this is a popular destination for both international and Greek tourists alike.

The main town is Parikia is where you’ll find most of the nightlife and population, however if you are looking for beaches I recommend heading outside the city.

Luckily there are some great beaches just outside of the main thoroughfare of Parikia town. The beaches I’m speaking of are Krios and Marcello beaches

Marcello and Krios, sunset

While I have other beach guides in Paros, and around the world, for this article I’m going to focus on helping you get to Krios and Marcello beach, which are just on the other side of the harbour to Parikia town. These beautiful beaches can really be considered one beach as there really isn’t a break between the two. They tend to be less crowded than Livadia and have smooth sand as compared to the rocky beach inside Parikia.

The two main ways to get to Krios and Marcello beach from Parikia is either by walking, or taking a water taxi.

Okay, maybe water taxi isn’t the right word. Some people were calling it a ferry as it leaves at a predetermined time (every half hour), but it is a small little boat that moves people just from Parikia harbour to Krios and Marcello beach and of course return.

I personally prefer the walk, as that’s what Cody and I did first and it allowed us to really see the coast. Not to mention see great drone shots from along the way. The walk is about 20 minutes depending on your hotel location within Parikia, but every step of the way is accompanied by beautiful vistas.

First Way To Get To Krios And Marcello Beaches: Walking

I recommend typing in Parikia to Krios into Google maps as it will show you the path along the coast. Typing in Parikia to Marcello will take you inland which is not only a more strenuous trip, it is less scenic to boot.

Trail from Parikia to Krios and Marcello beaches
Hanging out halfway on the trek from Parikia to Krios and Marcello beaches

If you have chosen to walk it is a simple matter of following the coast all the way there. About halfway you will reach the end of Livadia beach, and Tango Mar restaurant and bar. I actually quite like this place as they let you stay for free on their sun loungers as long as you spend €3 on something. One day we just grabbed a few draft Mythos and lounged for hours.

Continuing along the path it will begin to turn into a dirt path. This is the correct way to go, just follow the dirt or rocks still hugging the coast and you’ll be met with the best views of the trip.

You’ll know you’ve reached your destination when you pass the Krios campground. Continuing down the beach you’ll pass a few more beach bars which offer free sun loungers with the purchase of food/drink or paid sun loungers (usually 10€ per set). You can of course just park yourself on any open patch of sand and relax.

Second Way To Get To Krios And Marcello Beaches: By Boat

The second way to get there is much easier and quicker, albeit much less adventurous. You can take a boat across the harbor from Parikia town to Krios and Marcello beaches in only 15 minutes.

The boat is stationed just next to the main ferry port where the goldstar ferry comes in and costs 3€ each way. You can buy one way or round trip tickets. The boat leaves every 30 minutes and you can buy tickets in advance, or pay the skipper directly.

There you go! Two ways to get to beautiful Krios and Marcello beach from Parikia. Let me know how you like Paros, and what else you like to do in Greece.


For those who are looking to visit some of the most unique beaches in Greece I recommend you get to Milos island and visit Sarakiniko beach also known as Lunar beach due to its amazing rock formation.

Sarakiniko beach
Sarakiniko beach

How To Get To Krios And Marcello Beaches

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