The Best Beach In Paros

Whenever there’s an article claiming the best of something, there will always be someone to argue against it. However after visiting most of the beaches in Paros, Greece, I can comfortably say the best beach in Paros is Kolimpithres.

Kolimpithres – The Best Beach In Paros

It is not as active as Golden Beach for watersports, nor is it as “happening” as Livadia right in Parikia town or Krios And Marcello beaches, but I really think that Kolimpithres is the best beach in Paros for three main reasons.

1. The Rock Formations

The rock formations of Kolimbithres are famous all over Greece for their raw beauty. The beach itself is quite small, and segmented into short strips of sand by huge granite boulders that have been smoothed over thousands of years by the sea. When it’s crowded you’ll see people climbing all over the rocks to get that perfect picture. In fact, these are the same rock formations that are even more famous in the Seychelles.

Rock formation Kolimphitres
Rock Formation Kolimpithres

I only go to Greece in shoulder season to avoid the crowds, and it was smart here too because this beach can get crowded. That being said there is only one bus that goes three times a day here, and only from Naousa, so I think that puts a lot of people off.

2. The Temperature

Kolipithres view from the drone
View from the drone on Kolipithres beach

This is definitely the warmest water beach in Paros. If you’ve been to other beaches and found them cold, this is much warmer. The water level stays around a foot high for almost the entirety of the small bay, so this beach is always a few degrees warmer than the others in Paros.

3. Family Friendly

As mentioned above, the water is quite shallow which makes this beach wonderful for kids. There are little plastic pedal boats for rent as well. The entire beach is very soft sand so you won’t have to worry about walking over pebbles or sharp rocks either.

plastic pedal boats for kids at Kolimpithres beach
Pedal Boats

However if you don’t want to be around kids, don’t worry. Remember how the beach is segmented by the giant granite boulders? All you have to do is go to a small section and you can be completely secluded, just you and your significant other.

For these reasons, and probably more, I’m convinced that Kolimbithres is the best beach in Paros. But if you’re planning a trip, you should definitely plan on seeing as many beaches and towns as you can.

Other Beaches To See:

Livadia Beach

Livadia beach,  sunset
Sunset at Livadia beach

Livadia is right to the north of Parikia port (5 minutes walk) and is full of bars and restaurants. There are lounge chairs for rent, or you can go to the end to Tango Mar and get free lounge chairs with a €3 purchase of food or drink.

Golden Beach

I actually don’t find Golden Beach that pretty, but it does have two things going for it. It is really big so you won’t be annoyed by it being too crowded, and it’s great for water sports. It is on the east side of the island, but there are plenty of busses from Parikia and Naousa, or wherever you are staying.

Krios and Marcello Beaches

Krios and Marcello beache
View from the drone

These two beaches (really just one long one) are about a 30 minute walk from Parikia, and are soft sand beaches. There are a few bars and restaurants, but most locals just lay down some towels and tan.

Piperi Beach

Piperi Beach in Naousa Drone Picture
View of Piperi beach from my drone

Piperi is the main beach for Naousa. It is cute, but can get extremely crowded due to its small size. If you are in Naousa, you may as well just go to Kolimpithres.

How To Get To Kolimpithres

There are two main ways to get to Kolimpithres. You can take a taxi, which is the easiest method. Just tell the driver Kolimpithres.

The second way is by bus. As mentioned above the bus only goes three times a day (possibly more in season, check the bus schedule). Also note that the bus does not go from Parikia, only Naousa. Therefore you’ll have to get yourself to Naousa bus station first, then get another ticket to Kolimbithres. The tickets cost €1,80 for one way.

Bus ticket on Paros island

It may be an inconvenience but for the best beach in Paros I think it’s worth it.

The Best Beach In Paros

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