Where To Eat In Parikia

Parikia is the capital of Paros, and thus has the most restaurants and bars (as well as people). This list should give you enough choices for where to eat in Parikia, whether here for a few days, or just a day trip.

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Disclaimer: I ate at all these places with Cody from cookingtoentertain.com so these are as much his opinions as mine.

Paros Taverna (Where To Eat In Parikia #1 Choice)

Greek Taverna outside seating in Parikia

This is your classic Greek Taverna. It’s family run, and full of locals. That’s always a good sign. I personally prefer places that don’t shut down after season, because if the locals like it you know it’s good. The house bread is fantastic!

In fact, if I had to choose the best dinner in Parika, Paros I would pick this restaurant again and again. The food is so delicious but it’s served without pretense or fuss like some other places on the island. This charming Paros taverna is a place I still think about every time I reminisce about my trips to Parikia!

Moussaka at Greek taverna

They have indoor and outdoor seating. The outdoor area has an open grill where you can see them making your food if you order food like souvlaki or gyros. Prices are extremely affordable (€10 for a liter of house wine…woo-hoo) compared to some other restaurants in Parikia.

Recommendations: the Moussaka and the Lamb Chops.

Aromas Restaurant

Entrance to Aroma restaurant in Parikia

This is a beautiful restaurant situated right on the main strip facing the sea. To be honest the food was hit or miss, Cody and I loved our dishes (Gouna and Octopus) whereas his parents didn’t care much for their meat. I’m thinking if you stick to seafood you’ll be happy.

  • The grilled octopus from the Aroma restaurant
  • Steamed mussels at aroma restaurant
  • Sun-dried fish at aroma restaurant

Aromas restaurant is a bit on the pricey side, but if you want a nice setting and some great seafood this is a good choice. Here you’ll find some of the best food in Parikia.

Recommendations: seafood, especially the Gouna (sun-dried fish)

Pitta Hellas Restaurant

Hellas restaurant outside seating

This place is one of my favorites for one main reason: their Perfect Fish Salad.

Perfect Fish Salad at Hellas Restaurant
Perfect Fish Salad

It’s literally called that on the menu. Honestly its more a seafood salad than just fish, but it may be the best seafood salad I’ve ever had in my life. There were fish, mussels, calamari, octopus, lox, shrimp and just a bit of lettuce. All tossed in a phenomenal balsamic based salad dressing.

Now you may be wondering if you should get some actual pita at a place called pitta Hellas, and the answer is yes. They do great gyros and some of the best souvlaki in Parikia.

Recommendations: The Perfect Fish Salad, Spicy Grilled Feta, Lamb Souvlaki

Yiannoulis Taverna

The entrance to Yiannoulis Taverna in Parikia

This is another Taverna and it’s right in the main square. We ordered probably 10 different things here and all were great. Service was fantastic and the seafood was so fresh I was honestly surprised.

Mixed seafood at Yiannoulis Taverna in Parikia
Mixed seafood

I got the stuffed pepper and tomato, and Cody got the Mix Seafood for 1 which has Grilled fish, grilled Sardines, shrimp, octopus, calamari, swordfish, mussels (€19) and we split our meals between us. The seafood for 1 is really enough for 2 in my opinion. His parents got grilled Sardines (wonderful) and souvlaki.

Recommendations: Grilled Sardines (if fresh), Spicy Grilled Feta, Calamari

Where To Eat In Parikia

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