The Best Beaches In Milos, Greece

Milos is one of my favorite islands in Greece. It is one of the Cycladic islands, which means beautiful villages with white buildings and colorful doors and windows. Milos is mostly famous not for its charming fishing villages, but its unique beaches. Therefore I made a short list of the best beaches in Milos that you should visit

The Best Beaches In Milos, Greece

Sarakiniko Beach

Sarakiniko beach is the most famous beach in Milos and one of the best known in Greece (together with Shipwreck beach in Zakynthos). 

Sarakiniko beach

At Sarakiniko beach you won’t see white fine sand, instead you’ll see white rock that looks out of this world. The white rocky inlet was formed by a volcano (no wonder people say that nature is the best artist). 

Due to the unique rock formation Sarakiniko beach is also known as Lunar beach.

Sarakiniko beach is a great spot for kids and adults. There is a shallow long strip of water where kids can be safe, as well as a great area for water jumping for adults. 

Sarakiniko beach is a secluded area. You won’t find resorts, restaurants, or bars there. So, if you are planning on visiting Sarakiniko, you better bring water and snacks with you. 

Note: Keep this site clean, and don’t leave behind any empty bottles or other trash. 

The Best Beaches In Milos, Greece: Sarakiniko village

To get to Sarakiniko beach you can do so by taking a taxi (from Adamantas it’s 10€), by the bus (schedule), or driving yourself. 

Plathiena Beach

For those who prefer fine sand beaches, Plathiena beach is a great choice. It is located quite far from everything and to get there will take some time, but it definitely worth the effort. 

Plathiena Beachm Milos

At the beach there is a cafe with changing rooms, showers, and toilets. However in the off season it is closed down, since there are usually no people at this beach. 

The Best Beaches In Milos, Greece: Plathiena Beachm Milos

Plathiena beach is surrounded by cliffs that some people like to climb. Although I am not sure how safe it is to climb those rocks (to me it looked quite dangerous, especially if you don’t have the right shoes). 

Sikia Cave

Sikia Cave is a beautiful place for swimming. The rock formation makes this place look amazing and like lots of fun. 

It is possible to get to Sikia Cave by foot (will take some effort), but the best way to access it is by boat. 

Sikia Cave is actually one of the stops during many boat tours around Milos, so if you are planning on taking such a tour, there is no need to drive that far.

Papafragas Caves

Papafragas is a cave and a beach at the same time. It is one of the most difficult locations to visit in Milos. 

Papafragas Caves

Papafragas beach is located at the bottom of a high cliff, and at the same time it is completely surrounded by cliffs. 

The Best Beaches In Milos, Greece: Papafragas Caves

Nowaday there is no access to Papafragas beach/cave from the land, the only choice would be by renting a small boat. 

Paralia Gerontas

Paralia Gerontas is a truly wild beach. To get to Paralia Gerontas beach will take a while. Besides driving on a dirt road, at one point you will have to get out of the car, get your things and walk for a while. 

Note: don’t wear slippers, or any kind of slippery shoes (the best are sneakers with ridges). The path to the beach is rocky and slippery, so be careful to not injure your feet. 

At the beach you won’t find cafes, bars, or sun umbrellas, just a beautiful wildness. Paralia Gerontas is a sandy beach, however volcanic rocks surround this beach, which makes it a great place to be.

When visiting Paralia Gerontas beach, bring with you water and some snacks, you will need it. But do not litter afterwards!

The Best Beaches In Milos, Greece

The Best Beaches In Milos, Greece
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