Review: Farsha Cafe, Sharm El Sheikh

Farsha Cafe is a place you must visit while traveling in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. It is definitely one of the most unique cafes I have visited in my life and I lived in Asia for three years and visited a lot of great places. 

How To Get To Farsha Cafe

Review: Farsha Cafe, Sharm El Sheikh

Farsha cafe is located in the Hadaba area of Sharm El Sheikh and about 10 minutes drive from the Old Market of Sharm. To get there you can go by a taxi from your hotel, which can be expensive if you don’t like how to negotiate. For example from Hilton Sharks Bay (located in SOHO square) we took a taxi for 70 EGP (the starter price they wanted is 200 EGP). 

You can also just walk to the main road and catch a blue mini bus that goes in that direction (6-8 EGP per person). There are also many taxis around Farsha cafe so you won’t have an issue getting home after a night out. 


As soon as we arrived I saw a small patio with a few tables and what seemed like a junkyard. There were old doors, chairs, and cabinets. The place had ancient cash registers and typewriters, old lamps and many other things. Little did I know that this is just the entrance. 

Review: Farsha Cafe, Sharm El Sheikh

We walked through the old door arch and ended up on the old wooden stairs (well.. Everything looked or was old, so I am going to lose that word now). The staircase led down a very steep hill to the sitting areas. Yes, not an area, but areas. Farsha cafe has a few levels where you can sit and enjoy a magical view of the Red sea. 

Review: Farsha Cafe, Sharm El Sheikh

All the sitting areas are covered in traditional red carpets which makes the place look very vibrant. There are no tables and chairs at Farsha cafe, at least no proper tables and chairs. You can sit on quite comfortable pillows and place your drink on a big metal plate that plays the role of a table. 

Review: Farsha Cafe, Sharm El Sheikh

Farsha cafe is just full of antique things that are placed everywhere. That creates a special atmosphere and makes you want to explore every centimeter of this place. 

The Best Time To Come

Farsha cafe is an extremely popular place, and although there are a lot of sitting areas, it gets full pretty fast. 

Review: Farsha Cafe, Sharm El Sheikh

The best time to get to Farsha cafe is around right before sunset. It is still light enough to have a look around the place and enjoy sunset on a cliff. As soon as it gets dark, Farsha cafe turns on all the lights and it is a completely different experience. 


You are sitting on a cliff overlooking the Red sea, surrounded by comfortable pillows, there is soft music in the air and lanterns make the whole place look magical. Doesn’t it sound very romantic? Well, it does and it is a super romantic place. 

Food And Drinks

Food and Drinks

Farsha cafe does not have a huge selection of food. They do offer some beer snacks like french fries and they have a small selection of pizzas. 


Since we got to Farsha cafe hungry we decided to try it out. We ordered a 4-cheese pizza and a seafood pizza. And it was quite good and enough for three people. 

Drinks at Farsha cafe

The drink menu in Farsha cafe is quite big. You can get soft drinks, beer, various cocktails, hot beverages, and other things. We stuck to beer and of course I got myself a cocktail which was quite good.


Beer Heineken 0,33L – 55 L.E

Standard size alcohol cocktail – 90 L.E

Soft drinks – between 25 L.E and 55 L.E

Dessert – between 50 L.E and 175 L.E

Beer snacks – around 55 L.E

Pizza – around 110 L.E

Note: Prepare cash before going to Farsha cafe since they don’t accept credit cards and the ATM is quite far from the cafe.


As soon as we sat at our “table” we were each served a bowl of cut fruits and peanuts. All the waiters spoke good English and were very friendly. The food and drinks arrived quickly and there wasn’t anything that made me think of “bad service”.


After sunset it got cold very fast and our waiter brought us warm blankets as soon as he saw that I was cold. 

Based on this I can say that the service is excellent!

Disclaimer: Jet Set Together was not paid for visiting Farsha cafe in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt and did not accept any payment for a good review. The words expressed in this article are my honest opinion.

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