5 Great Breakfasts Around The World

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day and one of the most interesting. With breakfast food there are no rules. You can get a savory standard English breakfast with tons of calories, a light and healthy oatmeal breakfast full of fiber, or a sweet Belgian waffle with syrup and fruits. In some countries, breakfast is more of a delicious experience than a quick simple meal. Here are five breakfasts around the world that you must try. 

5 Great Breakfasts Around The World

Shakshuka, Israel

Shakshuka is a dish that is made with carefully poached eggs in a tomato and bell pepper sauce. Quite often it has strong flavored spices and herbs like oregano. 


Shakshuka is a widely popular dish in North Africa, and the Middle East, so it is not just only in Israel cuisine, however it is considered one of the best breakfast choices in this country. 

You can order shakshuka from almost everywhere where they serve breakfast (from a small cafe to a fancy restaurant). 

Shakshuka breakfast Israel

Shakshuka is usually served in a hot iron frying pan with a few slices of delicious bread. To be frank, it’s never enough of that bread they bring, so I always ask for an additional basket or two. 

The way to eat shakshuka is to dip a piece of bread into a poached egg and break it. Then you just scoop delicious egg yolk with tomato sauce on a slice of bread and gobble it up. 

Syrnyky, Ukraine

Syrnyky is a traditional Ukrainian dish. This sweet dish is made out of cottage cheese formed into small pancakes and is usually served with different seasonal berries and fruits, or a compote made of them (in winter people use jams and honey). 

Syrnyky is a very simple, but quite healthy dish – a great breakfast choice. 

Great Breakfasts Around The World

There are a lot of ways to make syrnyky, and every part of Ukraine makes it differently. In some of them the cottage cheese is very creamy and airy, others use big chunks of cheese, so you can feel its taste better, but they add more eggs and sugar. 

You can find syrnyky in almost every Ukrainian restaurant, but I still think that the best way to try this delicious breakfast is at someone’s house where a knowledgeable grandma would make it in just a few minutes.  

Turkish Breakfast, Turkey

Turkish breakfast is not just some dish, it’s a collection of different small dishes. 

In different parts of Turkey their traditional breakfast contains different dishes, however there are some that always make a list. Such dishes as: salted cheese, green and black olives, eggs, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, various dips and sauces, fresh baked bread, pastries, dried fruits, honey, jams, and butter are usually a part of Turkish breakfast. 

Turkish breakfast

Such a variety of food can get you a bit confused, and thinking that there is no way that one person can eat it all. That is partly true. 

Almost all the dishes in a Turkish breakfast are small side dishes, so you can enjoy everything, without overeating. Plus quite often if you order a Turkish breakfast at the restaurant, there would be a two person sign. And if you look at the dishes in a Turkish breakfast they are mostly very healthy, not fried, not fatty; which adds to the whole Turkish breakfast experience a big star of admiration.  

Turkish breakfast
Great Breakfasts Around The World

Of course, we cannot talk about Turkish breakfast without Turkish coffee. Turkish coffee is a very strong and unfiltered coffee that is made on open coals in a special copper pot. It is served in a small coffee cup alongside a piece of a Turkish delight. 

Great Breakfasts Around The World

Turkey is not the only country that makes coffee that way. All over the Balkans: Bosnia, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, and in other countries you can experience this strong, grainy coffee. However, Turkey (Ottoman Empire) is from where the culture of drinking coffee came to Europe. 

American Pancakes, The USA

If we are talking about some of the best breakfast dishes, we absolutely cannot skip the traditional American pancakes that you can get at any breakfast diner in America (it is way harder to find them in Europe, but you still can manage). 

Great Breakfasts Around The World

The traditional American pancake breakfast is a dish that is fast to make (with just a few basic ingredients) and simple to serve (you just need butter and maple syrup). 

Great Breakfasts Around The World

If you have tried traditional pancakes of other countries before, you will find that American pancakes are quite different, they are airy and very fluffy. This is the result of using baking powder in its batter. 

American pancakes are one of the most simple, but delicious breakfast in the world. Plus it is the most iconic breakfast in the world that you just cannot avoid.

Floating Breakfast, Bali 

I know what you think: “You can get floating breakfast anywhere you want!”. That is true, I don’t argue. I just want to give you an example of a place where you can try this experience. 

Great Breakfasts Around The World

Floating breakfasts isn’t a traditional breakfast, it is just an experience that you definitely would enjoy. A big tray floating in the pool, full of delicious breakfast food, fruits, juices and coffee, AND you don’t need to get out of the pool to try it all. What’s not to like? 

The floating breakfast became popular mostly due to Instagram. It creates a special atmosphere of relaxation and luxury. As for me, after all those cute pictures we took, I really enjoyed having breakfast in the pool with my partner (quite a fun activity). 

Song Broek

As I mentioned before, you can get a floating breakfast at many beautiful places. My first experience with a floating breakfast happened to be at the Song Broek Jungle resort in Bali. It is a beautiful place with a great pool and their floating breakfast for two was just $20, so of course we decided to try it. 

The food we got served was twice as delicious because it was in a very romantic atmosphere. We had eggs, fruits, toast, pancakes, juices, and coffee. A big bonus is that for breakfast time no one is usually hanging by the pool , so we had the entire pool area to ourselves. 

5 Great Breakfasts Around The World 

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