Restaurant Review: Kamanda Lwowska in Warsaw, Poland

After spending two month in California, US, and another three months in Colombia, I was extremely happy when we finally arrived in Warsaw. Primarily because it meant that we were going to be home (Lviv, Ukraine) soon, and also because in Poland I could get some Ukrainian food that I missed a lot. For that reason we chose Kamanda Lwowska restaurant for dinner!

Kamanda Lwowska in Warsaw, Poland

Since we stayed near the old town in Warsaw (Motel One), it took us just 10 minutes walking to get there. The Kamanda Lwowska restaurant is located in a beautiful basement (reminds me of the Fifth dungeon restaurant in Lviv), plus it has an outside cute terrace. 


When we arrived for dinner, it was already dark and a bit cool, so we decided to sit inside. I actually was very happy about that. The decoration looked amazing and very authentic to what you can see in Lviv restaurants. There was quiet Ukrainian music, and many attributes that spoke about Ukraine and its history. 

Kamanda Lwowska in Warsaw, Poland

The place looked very interesting, full of small details, but at the same time very cozy. There were a few full tables, but waiters tried to place everyone in different small rooms, so we didn’t feel crowded at all, which was very nice. 

Kamanda Lwowska in Warsaw, Poland

Note: Some of you must think: “She is Ukrainian and is on her way to Ukraine. Doesn’t she want to try something different?”  I know that, because that is what I would think. However, you should understand that after 5 months eating arepas and patacones in Colombia, fast food, and Mexican food in the USA, I SO wanted home food that I was ready to cry for it. 


Of course service in Europe is not as good as in the USA, but the waitress was friendly and spoke some English. Our drinks and food arrived quite fast, therefore I don’t have anything to complain about. 

Free starter

A big plus of this restaurant (for me personally) was a free starter that they serve to their guests. And, oh boy I got lucky, it was pickles, rye bread, and delicious spread (lard). It was a truly magical moment  when I dug my teeth in all that deliciousness. 


Kamanda Lwowska in Warsaw, Poland

The menu at Kamanda Lwowska restaurant was quite wide with many great choices. The comments on Google didn’t lie as well, and there were a lot of Galician dishes that every Ukrainian knows and loves. 


Besides traditional main dishes, the menu also had starters like horse tartare, which ended up to be very good (this is the first time I tried horse tartare with minced pickled mushrooms). We all got different dishes, but enjoyed them all the same. 


Location: Foksal 10, 00-366 Warszawa, Poland

Disclaimer: Jet Set Together was not paid by “Kamanda Lwowska” restaurant in Warsaw, Poland and did not accept any payment for a good review. The words expressed in this article are my honest opinion.

Restaurant Review: Kamanda Lwowska in Warsaw, Poland

Kamanda Lwowska in Warsaw, Poland