Hotel Review: Motel One in Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw is a beautiful city with a lot of things to do. The popularity of Warsaw among the tourists has risen in recent years as well as the demand for good accommodation. Most people are looking for a hotel room, or an AirBnB apartment somewhere in the center close to the old town with many restaurants and bars. I stayed at one such hotel during my visit to Warsaw. Here is a full unbiased review of the hotel – Motel One Warzawa Chopin in Warsaw, Poland. 

Hotel Review: Motel One in Warsaw, Poland

First of all I want to let you know that despite the name “Motel”, this is an actual hotel and in no way it can be described as a motel. In fact, it’s quite a bit more trendy than most actual hotels in the area. 


Motel One is located in the old town area right across from Warsaw’s beautiful Chopin museum. It takes just 10 minutes walking to get to the center of the old town where you will find all the walking streets and amazing restaurants

The Chopin museum

The location of the hotel was the main reason why we chose this place, but it is definitely not the only big plus of the hotel Motel One. After travelling for 5 days from La Quinta, California through Istanbul and Athens, Motel One ended up to be a great place to relax.

Public Area 

Hotel Review: Motel One in Warsaw, Poland: the lobby

Motel One has a spacious, beautiful lobby that connects with their bar. The lobby is a great space for waiting, or just relaxing. There are a lot of soft beautiful chairs in different shapes and colors near the registration desk. Further on you can see many cute tables where people are drinking their coffees, cocktails, or other beverages. 


Our check-in took just a couple minutes. We arrived around 3 PM, paid for the room and got the key right away. The personnel were very friendly and welcoming as well as efficient. 

The cleaning service occurred every day. I have no complaints about cleaning whatsoever. The room was tidied up, and there were fresh towels and clean cups. 

The Room 

Our room had a view of the Chopin museum, a quite amazing small palace with many beautiful details on the facade. So, you can imagine that I really enjoyed our room’s view.

the view from the room

The room itself was quite spacious, we didn’t have any discomfort even with our two large suitcases. 

Hotel Review: Motel One in Warsaw, Poland: Bedroom

We had a soft queen bed with many pillows and a warm comforter. I really loved the color scheme in the room. The deep blue color of the blinds, pillows, and some decorations really helped with relaxing after a few days’ travel journey. 

Motel One Warzawa Chopin

Besides the queen bed, there was a table, a suitcase holder, an open wardrobe space, and a flatscreen TV in the room. What surprised me is that there wasn’t a mini fridge in the room or a complementary water bottle, however in Warsaw you can drink the tap water, so it wasn’t a huge problem.


Our room had a standard bathroom with a walk-in shower. The water pressure at the Motel One was excellent, and the water got really hot (which I love). 


The bathroom itself was super clean and comfortable to use. 


Overall, I can say that Motel One really surprised me in a good way. Most people associate the word “motel” with words like: “dirty”, “fast”, “careless”. But this is not the case with the hotel Motel One (a bit confusing though). 

Motel One is a great place to stay during a visit to Warsaw for many reasons. Good location, beautiful rooms, and a friendly staff are just some of those reasons. 

Key Details

Price: $68 /night

Air-Conditioned Rooms: Yes 

Breakfast Included: No (additional $10 per person)

Pool On-Site: No.

Maid Service: Yes

Recommended To Stay Here: Yes.

Booking: booking

Address: Tamka 38, 00-355 Warszawa, Poland

Disclaimer: Jet Set Together was not paid for a stay at the Motel One in Warsaw, Poland, and did not accept any payment for a good review. The words expressed in this article are my honest opinion.

Hotel Review: Motel One in Warsaw, Poland

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