How To Get To Hong Kong (5 Options)

Like most world cities, getting to Hong Kong is extremely easy. You can arrive by plane, train, car, or boat through the many different points of entry. If you are arriving by car, bus or train, that means you are coming from the Chinese mainland. By plane means HK International Airport. There are a variety of border crossing points that you can take, and it’s a fairly simple and straightforward process. This article gives you 5 ways how to get to Hong Kong to best suit your needs.

How To Get To Hong Kong By Car OR Bus:

If you are driving you can cross at Luohu (the most popular), Huanggang, Futian, and Shenzhen Bay. These all originate in Shenzhen and take you to someplace in the New Territories. Each crossing is pretty easy to navigate and there isn’t all the much waiting around time at all. I’ve personally done the crossing at Luohu and Futian.

You can also walk across the border at all of these stations if you plan to pick up a Hong Kong bus or taxi on the other side.

By Boat:

If you are arriving to Hong Kong by boat, you are probably either on a cruise line, or taking a ferry from the mainland. If you are coming from Shenzhen you can take the Shekou ferry which will take you right to Central, Hong Kong. The price is 120 RMB, or about 17 USD. The ferry only runs a few times a day, however it never seems to be very crowded. I’ve never taken it during holidays so it may be packed during the special days.

There is also a few different ferry companies that go to HK from Macau that run many times each day. You can do Macau in a day trip, or if you are going the other way, go from Macau to Hong Kong for the day.

how to get to hong kong

By Train:

There is an MTR that goes directly from Luohu (Lo Wu) to Central, HK. You can walk across the border doing your entry/exit paperwork and then hop on the HK MTR at Lo Wu station (directly opposite Shenzhen’s LuoHu) which will take you directly to Central.

By Plane:

The most common way for foreigners to enter Hong Kong is definitely by flying into HKIA (Hong Kong International Airport). This is one of the busiest airports in the world, but also one of the most efficient. From the airport you can take an express train directly to Central in about 23 minutes. It also stops at Hong Kong station in Kowloon as well. The airport provides a lot of services such a lockers to store your bags if you only have a layover, as well as tons of lounges for the more elite passengers. The award winning The Pier is my personal favorite.

how to get to hong kong

By Helicopter:

For those who want to experience a little bit of luxury, you can take a helicopter! There are a few different operators, but the most popular one departs from Bao’An Airport (Shenzhen) and will take you to Hong Kong or Macau. It is about 500 USD but it only takes 15 minutes and gives you a great view of the island as you approach.

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How To Get To Hong Kong (5 Options)

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