Sarajevo Bobsleigh Track

The first day in Sarajevo we decided to go to the bobsleigh track which was built for the 1984 Winter Olympics. I would advise you to choose a day when the weather is good for this trip. You will have to walk a lot and the photos are much better when it is sunny.

Cable car to the Trebovich mountain
Cable car

The bobsled track is built on Trebevich Mountain and repeats all the bends of the mountain. The government has spent an enormous amount of money on this route – 10 million dollars. Sarajevo did not have its own team for this sport, so the athletes were selected from the other sports. After the Olympics, there were plans to build a school and continue to train athletes, but it did not happen. In the 1990s, war broke out on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the city of Sarajevo was under siege for almost four years (that is when they built the Tunnel of Hope). The bobsled track went to ruin as it was used for the war purposes as well. Mines were laid near the track by Serbian soldiers.

The beginning of the bobsled track in Sarajevo
Sarajevo, Bobsled track

After the war, the authorities tried to find money to restore the bobsleigh track, but failed. Although there have been work to get the mines out of the area, it is still not recommended to go wandering off the track into the forest.

It’s easy to get to the track. There are signposts around the city that help you easily find the cable car which will take you up and down the mountain. One way ticket price is KM 15 = $9, round trip tickets are KM 20 = $12.

The time-table of the cable car hours
Prices for the cable car

We decided to buy the one way ticket and then stroll down the mountain to the city. Before going to the mountain you will see on the left side an old cable car from the old Sarajevo Olympics. Prepare your camera before taking a seat on the cable car, the view is great and you definitely will want to take some pictures.

The old type of cable car that had been used during the Winter Olympics in 1984
The cable car from Olympics in 1984

At the top of the mountain you can easily find a toilet or buy water or soda if needed. Walking a little lower, we saw a crossroads: a wide asphalt road on the left, and a narrow path on the right. Of course we decided to take the narrow path. I must say that it was the right choice, the trail ran through a beautiful forest and we thoroughly enjoyed the walk. It ends nearby the Natural Hotel and two parts of the Sarajevo bobsleigh track. Most likely, they installed these parts to show how the track was built. So if you found this place, you are on the right path. I want to warn you that the hotel restaurant does not sell beer, so if you want to relax a bit and enjoy a cold beer you will have to wait until you reach the city. But if you need to recharge a bit, you can enjoy a cup of delicious Bosnian coffee right there.

Parts of the Bobsled track near the Hotel Nature
Parts of the Sarajevo Bobsled track
Hotel Nature on the way to the Bobsled track
Hotel on the way to the Bobsled track

After descending from the narrow path, we turned right and walked along the road. Whether or not you are on the right track is not difficult to understand, look to the trees and the pillars; if you see a red ring with a white circle in the middle on them, you are on the right way. In just 10 minutes the bobsled track will be visible.

The mark that indicates that you are on the right way
The bull’s eye

Usually there are not many tourists here, so you can get good photos. The entire Sarajevo bobsled track is covered with graffiti. I’m not a fan of this kind of art, but in places like this, graffiti looks amazing. We decided to go down to the end of the track and take photos of different graffiti. Somewhere in the middle you will see the symbol of the 1984 Olympics – the wolf “Vucko”. The entire track is safe, so don’t be afraid to fall. The whole area around the track is completely overgrown and it feels like you are walking in the woods.

The Bobsled track from the outside
The bobsleigh track track from behind
The symbol of the 1984 Olympics in Sarajevo
Graffiti on the Bobsled track in Sarajevo
Graffiti on the bobsleigh track

After such a descent, we were happy that we had just one way tickets, since it would be difficult to go all the way back to the cable car. Going down the mountain path and following the marks on the trees, we found the road leading to the city center.

On the way to the city from the top of the mountain you can enjoy the amazing view, take beautiful photos and see how people live here.

Sarajevo from the top of Trebevich mountain
The view on the city

The whole trip to the top of the mountain and to the city took us about two hours and I want to say that it was worth it. But be prepared that if you decide to go down the mountain on foot, you will have sore legs the next morning.


Drone photo Mostar
Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

For those who want to travel around Bosnia and Herzegovina and see a bit more than just the capital of the country, I highly recommend you make your way to Mostar, one of the hidden treasures of Europe. Mostar is mostly famous for its beautiful bridge that connects two sides of the old town. However it has way more to offer than just a bridge. The whole old town is stunning, full of many things to do.

Sarajevo Bobsleigh Track

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