Adrenaline Tour In The Carpathians, Ukraine

The Carpathians mountains are one of the highlights of Ukraine and its people. Many people visit the Carpathians during winter, mostly for skiing, snowboarding and other winter activities. Other people (like me) visit the Carpathians in summer. That is what Cody and I did last weekend; we found an amazing Adrenaline Tour In The Carpathians from Lviv (where we live).

Our trip to the Carpathians actually happened due to the bad news I received on Thursday. I found out that because of the Corona Virus, the Lviv government cancelled the reopening of the train station and I couldn’t go visit my parents. So, Cody and I just planned to remain in Lviv. And don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Lviv (click here to check the top things to do in Lviv) with its great restaurants, amazing unique museums, castles, and great people, but after three months of Corona Virus lock-down I got bored of our apartment and the city vibe itself.

With a horrible mood I opened Facebook to let everyone know that I am not coming to my hometown and I accidentally clicked on someone’s page. That is where I saw an offer for an Adrenaline Tour in the Carpathians. The tour offered a two day trip with pick up and drop off in Lviv. That sounded very good, since the public transport didn’t work, and I had to choose whether to spend the weekend surrounded by walls or by mountains.

To book the tour I texted the person in charge (Oleksandr) who gave me a call to explain all the details. And basically in 5 minutes my mood from the worst possible to a super exited one.

Adrenaline Tour In The Carpathians

There are two different plans of this tour: 2-days and 3-days.

For the two days tour you leave on Saturday morning and come back on Sunday night. And three days tour depends entirely on your schedule. You can leave on Friday and come back on Sunday evening or leave on Saturday and come back on Monday evening.

Adrenaline Tour In The Carpathians, Ukraine

The Two days tour: First day – Rafting (remember we are going to the mountains with many fast rivers); the second day – depends on your choice, you can either hike the tallest mountain in Ukraine – Hoverla, or drive ATVs on the mountain roads, streams, and forests.

The Three days trip includes all the activities, which means the first day – Rafting, second day – ATVs, third day – hiking (the order can change depending on the weather forecast).

Our Weekends In The Carpathians

Before going on the Adrenaline Tour in the Carpathians I received a list and detailed explanation on what clothes and things to take with us on the trip. As you probably know, all the activities that we were going to do can be sometimes dangerous and quite messy, so we definitely were happy to be prepared. By the way, we chose to do the two-day trip with Rafting and Hiking Hoverla (Cody hadn’t done it before).

Adrenaline Tour In The Carpathians, Ukraine

On Saturday morning (7 AM) we were picked up at our apartment along with another couple (it was four of us and Oleksandr – our guide). The drive from Lviv to Vorokhta, the village in the Ivano-Frankivsk region where we stayed overnight, took us four hours.

Lucky for us Oleksandr has visited many countries and had many interesting stories to tell. By 11 AM we arrived in the village and went on a small excursion in the area to see ones of the oldest arch bridges in Ukraine.


The place where we stayed overnight is a tourist base with a lodge. On the territory of this base they have two grilling areas with nice wooden tables and a chany (Ukranian jacuzzi). We got comfortable rooms with a small terrace and went to listen to the safety instruction about rafting.


The safety instruction and leaning all the commands that are used on a raft took us around half an hour. After which we received special rafting gear including clothes, shoes, helmets, and life jackets.

Rafting In The Carpathians

The ride from the base to the river took 15 minutes and that is where the fun began. The whole experience on the river lasted one hour during which we jumped and splashed, were soaked with water, and got quite a workout. I was laughing and smiling so much that at the end my jaw hurt.

Adrenaline Tour In The Carpathians, Ukraine

After an hour we got to the bank of the river and were picked up by the vans. Do you remember me mentioning all the clothes we needed to take with us? Before getting back to the van we changed into prepared dry clothes and dry shoes and comfortably went back to the base.

Rating in the Carpathians

The first night ended up with the five of us grilling meat, drinking homemade wine, and telling interesting stories.

Place for grilling

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Hiking Hoverla

The next day our team split up since one couple chose ATVs and we chose to hike Hoverla.

We left around 8 AM and drove for about an hour to the bottom of the tallest mountain in Ukraine.

Hiking Hoverla

Since it was raining the night before in the mountains, it was important for us to have the right shoes and clothes. Oleksandr, our guide and professional traveller who is always prepared gave us great advice, so at all times we felt very safe and comfortable. You can read all the details on how to hike Hoverla here.

Adrenaline Tour In The Carpathians, Ukraine

The way up took us 3 hours and the way down around 2. At the peak of Hoverla we spent an hour just enjoying the views and had our lunch.

After Hoverla Oleksandr took us back to our base to have some refreshments, take a shower, pick up the rest of our team and head back to Lviv.

Alona at the top of Hoverla

The whole trip was amazing and full of emotions. I tried rafting for the first time in my life and felt in love with this activity. Cody hiked up the tallest mountain in Ukraine for the first time which is very meaningful.

Key Information:

If you travel through Ukraine and would like to do an Adrenaline tour in the Carpathians here is all the information you need:

Facebook Page and Official Website

Phone number: +380672308827

Oleksandr speaks Ukrainian, Russian, English

Disclaimer: Jet Set Together paid full price for our Adrenaline Tour In The Carpathians and did not accept any payment for a good review. The words expressed in this article are my honest opinion.

Adrenaline Tour In The Carpathians

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