Where To Eat In Taganga, Colombia

Taganaga is a small fishing town on the Colombian coast of the Caribbean sea. It might not be a super popular tourist destination like San Andres or Cartagena, but it still attracts tourists who are into diving. Here is a list of the best restaurants to eat in Taganga.


Pachamama is located on the beach, on the left side from Calle 13. It is one of the best places in Taganga due to its location, relaxing vibe, and good food.

Where To Eat In Taganga, Colombia: Pachamama

Pachamama looks a bit like a beach bungalow with a few trees implemented into the interior. It is a great place to hide from the hot Colombian sun, get yourself a delicious mango juice, or a great lunch.

Seafood pasta

Pachamama’s menu is quite big and offers a variety of foods. Here you can find pastas, burgers, seafood, and traditional Colombian food.

Stewed fish

My recommendations: seafood pasta, spinach ravioli, shrimps wrapped in bacon, fish of the day in lemon butter or coconut, burgers.

Location:Cl. 16 #1C-18, Santa Marta, Taganga, Santa Marta, Magdalena


Babaganoush is a fancy treehouse restaurant. It is located on the hill, overlooking Taganga’s beach. 

Where To Eat In Taganga, Colombia: Babaganoush

Babaganoush has a great menu with lots of great dishes. They also offer a set menu for $12 that includes a starter, a main, and a dessert. 

Fish Croquettes

Babaganoush is a great place for romantic dinners and sunset watching.

My recommendation: the fish of the day, croquettes,  pork ribs.

Location:Piso 3 Centro de Buceo Tayrona, Cl. 1c ##18-22, Santa Marta, Magdalena

El Muelle

El Muelle is a beach restaurant that offers delicious and not expensive seafood. 

Where To Eat In Taganga, Colombia: Fried fish with rice and patacones

El Muelle isn’t a fancy place with a special atmosphere, in fact, it looks very simple. However the quality of food is great here, and the prices are quite cheap. That is why El Muelle is a very popular spot for lunch among those who relax on the beach.

fish with shrimp sauce

My recommendation: fried fish, fish with shrimp sauce, fish soup

Location:Cra. 1 #18-95, Santa Marta, Magdalena

Restaurante LA NENA

La NENA is another beach restaurant, no surprise there, since Taganga is a beach town. They have a big bungalow right in the middle of the beach with quite a few tables. 

Where To Eat In Taganga, Colombia: Fish Soup

La NENA is a cute, but very busy place that serves mostly traditional Colombian dishes and seafood. 

Fried fish of the day

The staff here is particularly very nice. Besides talking to us, welcoming us in Taganga and asking how we like it, they also offered us a delicious free fish soup. 

Where To Eat In Taganga, Colombia: Seafood fried rice

My recommendation: seafood rice, fried fish of the day 

Location: a 9-34, Cra. 1 #9-2, Taganga, Santa Marta, Magdalena, Colombia

Where To Eat In Taganga, Colombia

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