Hotel Review: Paraiso Ayahuasca in Puerto Narino, Amazonas (Colombia)

Puerto Narino is a beautiful village in the Amazonas department of Colombia. There are only 6000 people who live in this village, however Puerto Narino receives many tourists every year. Although there is a lot to do in the village, the main reason tourists come to Puerto Narino is to explore the Amazon river and its jungle. For those who are looking into doing an amazing multiple trip throughout the Amazon jungle and want  to stop in Puerto Narino, I wrote an honest review of hotel Paraiso Ayahuasca with all the details.

What you absolutely need to understand about places like Puerto Narino is there are no fancy hotels here like Hilton or Ritz-Carlton. People here live in close proximity with nature and they don’t hide behind cement walls. 

Paraiso Ayahuasca

Hotel Paraiso Ayahuasca, like other hotels in Puerto Narino. is more of a guest/tree house. There isn’t even any glazing for the windows!


Hotel Paraiso Ayahuasca is located up the hill from the main dock in Puerto Narino. It will take just a 5 minute walk. 

Note: Remember that on arrival to Puerto Narino you have to pay a small tax – 12,000 COP which helps to maintain the village.

Public Area

Public area

Hotel Paraiso Ayahuasca has two public areas. The first one is located at the entrance. There is a cute, small covered area – great for waiting. There is also a public area/room at the top floor of the hotel with a few hammocks. 


The check in at hotel Paraiso Ayahuasca was quite fast. The friendly lady who did our registration was also the owner of this hotel. 

Hotel Review: Paraiso Ayahuasca in Puerto Narino, Amazonas (Colombia)

There wasn’t any cleaning service provided during our stay at the hotel Paraiso Ayahuasca (3 nights). 


As I already mentioned, Paraiso Ayahuasca is more like a tree house / hostel. However they do have private rooms with bathroom. This is what we got.

Hotel Review: Paraiso Ayahuasca in Puerto Narino, Amazonas (Colombia): bedroom

Our room had two wooden walls and two open walls made of mosquito net with blinds that you can use for privacy. This is all done to get sunlight into the room and not use electricity when it can be avoided. 

In the room there was a full bed, two side tables besides the bed and wooden shelves for your clothes and other things. 

In the room we also had a fan on the side of the bed and a few plugs. 


Bathroom at the hotel

Our bathroom had a decent size. What surprised me was the tiled floor and the walls in the shower. The water pressure was decent as well (maybe not great, but for a tree house good enough), and the water got warm enough to take a comfortable shower. 

Hotel Review: Paraiso Ayahuasca in Puerto Narino, Amazonas (Colombia): Bathroom


The experience of the hotel Paraiso Ayahuasca entirely depends on your expectations. If you know where you are going and that the experience is going to be completely different from Bogota or Medellin (big metropolises), then you definitely would love the place. 

Hotel Paraiso Ayahuasca is a charming, cute place that has interesting architecture across a few levels and looks like a tree house. All the necessary things like a comfortable bed, shower, toilet, and plugs you will find in this hotel, however you might have issues with privacy. 

Key Details

Price: $21 /night

Air-Conditioned Rooms: No (there is fan in the room)

Breakfast Included: No, but you can get free coffee at the reception

Pool On-Site: No.

Maid Service: No

Recommended To Stay Here: Yes.

Booking: booking

Address: Barrio Baos,, Puerto Narino, Puerto Nariño, Amazonas, Colombia

Disclaimer: Jet Set Together was not paid for a stay at the Hotel  Paraiso Ayahuasca in Puerto Narino, Amazonas (Colombia) and did not accept any payment for a good review. The words expressed in this article are my honest opinion.

Hotel Review: Paraiso Ayahuasca in Puerto Narino, Amazonas (Colombia)

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