Where To Eat In Bialowieza, Poland

Bialowieza is a very small town on the eastern border of Poland. It is famous as the entryway to Bialowieza Forest, the largest primeval forest in Europe. People mainly come here to do a bison safari, or see other wildlife in the area. However, as most people likely come for more than one day, the question of where to eat in Bialowieza is often asked. 

Because Bialowieza is such a small town, there are not many restaurants to choose from. But if I’m being honest, I quite enjoyed every restaurant I ate at so you are unlikely to be disappointed. 

Not to mention, after a long day looking for bison or photographing white-tailed eagles from a hide for 10 hours you are sure to be ready for a hot cooked meal before bed.

1. Stoczek 1929

This is the oldest restaurant in Bialowieza and one of the fanciest. In fact, it seemed to me to be mostly a nice date night restaurant where people go to celebrate or splurge on a nice meal. Stoczek 1929 is easily a quality restaurant that would not be amiss in Krakow or Warsaw!

The service here is wonderful and the menu is delicious. I had the pumpkin soup and the venison tenderloin and can recommend both. They also have a good selection of Polish craft beers. 

Location: Stoczek 74, 17-230 Białowieża, Poland

2. Restauranja Pokusa

Pokusa is the restaurant part of Pensionat Krainka, a guesthouse I highly recommend people stay at when visiting Bialowieza. The chef of the restaurant is actually the manager of the guesthouse, and an overall very friendly guy!

Pierogi at  Restauranja Pokusa

The cuisine at Restauranja Pokusa is your classic Polish/Eastern European food. I can recommend the meat pierogi as it was a very satisfying dish after a long day of wildlife photography. 

Location: Pałacowa 15, 17-230 Białowieża, Poland

3. Siciliana Pizzeria

For those who don’t feel like going out for a nice sit-down dinner in a more upscale establishment, pizza is always a good choice. Siciliana Pizzeria is just a block away from Stoczek 1929, but at a much lower price-point. 

where to eat in Bialowieza: Siciliana Pizzeria

The pizza may not be like what you would get in Italy, but the flavor is good and the service is quick. Plus, they also deliver to your accommodations so it is convenient if you are there in the middle of winter and you do not want to leave your warm room in minus 10 degrees weather.

Location: Stoczek 22, 17-230 Białowieża, Poland

Where To Eat In Bialowieza, Poland

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