Hotel Review: Vidpochynkovyy Kompleks “Zhayvoronok” in Berehove, Ukraine

Berehove is a small town that is located in Zakarpattia oblast in Ukraine (basically on the border with Hungary). Although Berehove is a small town, it is quite famous among local tourists. It is considered to be one of the best resort towns with thermal water in Ukraine. Berehove is also where a few wine festivals are held, since Zakarpattia oblast is full of small family wineries. Here is a full and honest review of the hotel Vidpochynkovyy Kompleks “Zhayvoronok” in Berehove. 

Zhayvoronok hotel

The hotel Vidpochynkovyy Kompleks “Zhayvoronok” is one of the biggest hotels/resorts in the town. I hope this review will help you make up your mind about accommodation in Berehove, Zakarpattia oblast.

How To Get To Berehove 

Berehove city

It is quite easy to get to Berehove from Uzhhorod and Mukachevo by bus, or by train from Kyiv and Lviv. Check out my guide with all the necessary information about the buses and trains that you can take to Berehove.


Hotel Zhayvoronok is located on the outskirts of Berehove town. However, since the town is quite small, it takes you just 10 minutes walking to get to the center of Berehove. 

Hotel Review: Vidpochynkovyy Kompleks “Zhayvoronok”

The location of the hotel Zhayvoronok is actually well chosen. As I mentioned before, the hotel is located quite close to the center of the town that you can walk there, and far enough from the main roads and noise.

For those who are driving, there is a big parking area for visitors in front of the hotel.

Public Area

Since the hotel is not just a simple hotel, but more like a resort, there are quite a few public areas that you can enjoy. 

Thermal baths at Hotel  “Zhayvoronok”

First of all, on the territory of the hotel there are many thermal baths that are available to everyone (guests and not guests of the hotel). Of course to access the thermal baths you have to pay additionally.

There are three big hot pools outside that are between 33°C and 40°C (one of them is a hot tub). One big fresh water pool (not heated), and one kid pool with warm thermal water. Inside the building you will find a big thermal pool with temperature between  33°C and 37°C, and a hot tub, which is  40°C. 

There are also a few different saunas that you can use with your thermal bath ticket (bracelet). 

Sauna at the Vidpochynkovyy Kompleks “Zhayvoronok”

300 UAH pp for a whole day for hotel guests (you get a locker for free)

410 UAH pp for a whole day for non-guests (plus additional 30 UAH for a locker)

200 UAH pp for 2 hours for everyone

On the territory of the thermal pools you can find bars and cafes, and a small spa that offers massages, peelings, including fish peeling (60 UAH per 10 minutes), and other things. 

Besides the thermal baths there is an artificial salt cave that you can visit. 

60 UAH pp for 30 minute 

50 UAH pp for 30 minutes for those who show a receipt from the thermal baths.

On the territory of the resort Zhayvoronok there is also a wine cellar that you can visit on your own and do a wine tasting individdually, or with a group. Usually they have 2 to 3 wine tastings a week (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) at 6 pm for a group, and it costs 90 UAH per person. 

Wine tasting

Note: the schedule of wine tasting can change, ask directly at the wine cellar, or reception desk of the hotel. 

The hotel Zhayvoronok also has a buvet (water well). You can fill your empty bottles at the buvet with a very good for your health mineral water (or that is what they say). 


Note: before filling up your water bottles, turn on the water and let it run for a couple moments, until the fresh water will come from the source. You will know when to fill the bottle, because the water is way warmer than the one that was sitting in the pipes. 


On the hotel grounds there are also three restaurants and a cafe, including one bistro where you get your breakfast. 

One of the restaurants offers Italian food (pizzas and pastas). It might be not the greatest pizza you will try, but it is okay for the area. I do not recommend the pasta Carbonara though. 

The other restaurant has a pretty decent selection of Ukrainian and Hungarian traditional food. The restaurant looks very classy and fancy, but there is no dress code (for those who are wondering). 

The Pizza restaurant and the fancy “Zhayvoronok” restaurants are located near the main hotel building and wine cellar.

The bistro is located in building D of the hotel on the basement floor. If you stay at the hotel, you get your breakfast here. Otherwise you pay for your breakfast (duh). The bistro works from 7:30 am to 5 pm and they offer a lunch menu (mostly Ukrainian traditional food), which I quite liked. It is simple, delicious, and cheap.  


The check-in and check-out at the hotel were pretty fast. The staff is very friendly and helpful. 

When you check-in you need to pay a deposit of 500 UAH that you get back at the check out. 

The cleaning service is available every day if you need it. You just need to request it. 

Every day you also get new fresh towels for the thermal baths. Just take your wet towels to the cleaning lady on your floor and ask for new ones. 


Breakfast is included at the hotel Zhayvoronok. As I mentioned before, you get your breakfast at the bistro in building “D” of the hotel. 

Breakfast at the hotel

You can get two drinks and two plates of anything they offer as a breakfast deal. Anything additional will cost you money, however everything is pretty cheap there, so it doesn’t matter much. 


The room we got was a standard double room in building “A”, across the road from the thermal bath. Our room wasn’t big, but for two people it was enough space. 

Bedroom at  hotel “Zhayvoronok”

Next to the two twin beds we had two side tables with plugs near them, a desk, mini fridge full of drinks, a wardrobe, and a flat screen TV. 

complimentary bottle of wine and two bottles

A very nice surprise was a complimentary bottle of wine and two bottles of water. 


Our bathroom was pretty standard: a standing shower, toilet, sink, mirror. There is nothing to say except it was clean, and at all times we had an excellent water pressure. 



Overall I really enjoy staying at the Zhayvoronok hotel. It is a good place to stay in Berehove with everything you need gathered in one area. 

However you must know that there are other hotels, and apartments in Berehove that are located all over the town and offer better prices, it might not be that convenient if you are planning on visiting the thermal baths a lot, but the price can be half of what you pay in the Zhayvoronok hotel. 

I hope my review helped you make up your mind. Let me know in the comment section if you have any questions that I can help you with. Or if you chose to stay at the Zhayvoronok hotel, how did you like it? 

Key Details

Price: 1100 UAH ($30) /night

Air-Conditioned Rooms: Yes 

Breakfast Included: Yes

Maid Service: Yes

Recommended To Stay Here: Yes.

Booking: booking

Address: Vulytsya Shevchenka, 112, Berehove, Zakarpattia Oblast, 90202

Disclaimer: Jet Set Together was not paid for a stay at the hotel Vidpochynkovyy Kompleks “Zhayvoronok” in Berehove, Zakarpattia oblast, Ukraine and did not accept any payment for a good review. The words expressed in this article are my honest opinion.

Hotel Review: Vidpochynkovyy Kompleks “Zhayvoronok”

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