Where To Eat In Uzhhorod, Ukraine

Uzhhorod is one of the westernmost cities in Ukraine. It shares a border with Slovakia, and is just a 30 km drive to Hungary. In fact, for about 1000 years, this city was called Ungvar and was part of different iterations of Hungary. While not considered a food haven like Lviv, if you are looking for where to eat in Uzhhorod then this guide of some of my favorite places should help with your decision.


This restaurant is located right on the river, so if you sit outside you can have a nice meal with an excellent view. In fact, it’s in a row of a few restaurants and all of them have delicious food. Prices here are average for Ukraine with a meal going for around $6-$10 and craft beer at around $1.30 a half liter. 

Where To Eat In Uzhhorod, Ukraine

Some of the food did take a while to arrive, but if you’re not in a rush, there is no real issue. The cuisine here is traditional transcarpathian, with well known dishes from Czechia, Slovakia, and Hungary. I highly recommend the mushroom soup ($2.50), banosh ($3), and the roasted pork knuckle which is easily enough for 2 people ($11/kg).

There are about 10 import and craft beers on tap, so you can definitely while away an evening with your friends at Rockport restaurant in Uzhhorod. 

Address: Nezalezhnosti embankment, 2, Uzhhorod, Zakarpattia Oblast, 88000

Eat Me! Cafe

If you are into brunch, then Eat Me! Cafe is the place to be. With plenty of inside and outside seating, there’s options for all seasons and weather. This cafe is located on the walking street Voloshyna nearby the famous St. George’s Church. Prices at Eat Me! Cafe are a little higher than average for this region, but don’t let that deter you, it is well worth the visit. 

Where To Eat In Uzhhorod, Ukraine

I can particularly recommend the Syrniki ($3) which is a traditional Ukrainian cheese pancake. The dish is served with a fresh berry compote and ice cream. I would also recommend the savory waffle with fried eggs ($4) if you prefer a less than sweet meal to start your day. 

The coffee at this popular brunch spot is the best in the city so get yourself a cortado ($1.20) or three before heading out on your walking tour of Uzhhorod. 

Address: Voloshyna St, 22, Uzhhorod, Zakarpattia Oblast, 88000

Pid Zamkom (Under The Castle)

This restaurant is the place to go for traditional Carpathian food at excellent prices. Located just a block down the hill from Uzhhorod castle, the restaurant is filled to the brim with kitsch. Artifacts from the castle and region adorn the walls and the booth seating is a perfect cozy spot to enjoy some potato pancakes with sour cream ($2.25) while walking around the city. 

Pid Zamkom
Where To Eat In Uzhhorod

If you like beer I recommend their signature unfiltered wheat beer with lemon and caraway ($1.50/ 0.5L)

Address: Ol’brakhta St, 3, Uzhhorod, Zakarpattia Oblast, 88000


Godinka is situated right next to Rockfort on the Uzh promenade and like it’s neighbor also has great outdoor seating. Like many restaurants in Ukraine they also brew their own beer under the name Bitanha, and there are usually 6-8 different options on tap. Prices are $1.25 per half liter, and I recommend the Kolsch and the Belgian Stout. 

Where To Eat In Uzhhorod, Ukraine

The food here is a hodgepodge of European cuisine. From soups, salads, fish, pizza, pasta, grilled meats and more, there’s something for everybody. Prices for a dish vary, but are generally within the $4-$8 range. 

Where To Eat In Uzhhorod, Ukraine: Hodynka

Address: Nezalezhnosti embankment, 2, Uzhhorod, Zakarpattia Oblast, 88000

Where To Eat In Uzhhorod, Ukraine

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