The Best Street Food In Kyiv: Бухта Food Station

On my most recent trip to Kyiv I was extremely pleased to discover the best street food in Kyiv place. One that may be my new favorite chill out spot…at least during the summer.

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The Best Street Food In Kyiv: Бухта Food Station

The Kyiv River Port has been taken over by a plethora of food vendors under the umbrella of Бухта FOOD STATION where you can find a wide variety of Ukrainian and International food.

I was taken there by my good friend Torry while filming Episode two of the Jet Set Together travel show and I have to say that this is a wonderful place for locals and tourists to just hang out, enjoy some good street food, and relax while looking over the river Dnipro.

Korean food

Бухта FOOD STATION is laid out like your standard mall food court, with a common seating area bordered by vendors.

Here you and your friends can pick up anything from Vietnamese and Korean, to classic American. We all opted for the Mexican kiosk and got tacos, burrito, and guacamole with chips.

Mexican food

Along with the food we also picked up a few draft beers from one of the alcohol vendors. We were all very impressed with the quality and taste of the food, and while it isn’t 100% authentic, it’s pretty darn close for being in Europe. Food prices are in line with your average Kyiv restaurant, but at least here you don’t have to tip.

Hookah at the Бухта Food Station

If you are a hookah / shisha fan (like so many Ukrainians) there is a ton of beanbag chair seating right along the boardwalk.

The Best Street Food In Kyiv: Бухта Food Station

From here you can drink and smoke with your friends for as long as you please. This is one of the best places to smoke hookah in Kyiv because the views are fantastic and the prices are completely reasonable.

 Бухта Food Station

A premium hookah is 300 UAH. I will mention that they do charge 50 UAH extra if you go with more than 3 people as this is a pretty popular place at night.

The view from the Бухта Food Station

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How To Get to Бухта FOOD STATION

The Best Street Food In Kyiv: Бухта Food Station

The easiest way to get to Бухта FOOD STATION is always by taking a taxi.

This food walk is located in the Podil region of Kyiv so a taxi from the center will be around 50-70 UAH, or around $2.

Luckily this place is directly behind the old Kyiv River Port which has it’s own metro stop, so you can go to Postova Ploshcha station and just walk down the stairs towards the water.

Metro prices at 8UAH per person. You can also take the city bus 62, 114, 114A and get off at Postova Ploshcha station as well.

Location: Почтовая площадь, 3а, Kyiv, 04070

My top recommendations at Бухта FOOD STATION:

Smoked Mexico: Authentic Mexican food and tasty lemonade

Real Chebureks: Meat filled fried pastry, part of Crimean cuisine

Khu Yum: Thai cuisine with dishes like Pad Thai and Tom Kha

Altruish: Falafel and Hummus (Levantine cuisine)

The Best Street Food In Kyiv: Бухта Food Station

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