Restaurant Review: Caru Cu Bere In Bucharest, Romania

Caru Cu Bere is a famous Romanian restaurant that is located in Bucharest’s old town. This is one of the places you must visit while traveling in Bucharest


Caru Cu Bere restaurant began in 1899 when the construction of the restaurant building was started. The creation of this restaurant was executed so well, that the owner received “The Star of Romania” and “The Crown of Romania” (the highest honors at that time) from the king Carol I of Romania. 

Caru cu Bere interior

Nowadays this building has statues of Architectural and Historical monuments.

Atmosphere At Caru Cu Bere

Caru Cu Bere restaurant carries an amazing atmosphere. I can describe it as: grand (fancy) yet relaxed. The interior reminds you of a palace like Versailles for example. There are many interesting details around you and the whole place looks like you ended up in a royal palace. 

Caru cu Bere windows

At the same time you don’t feel like this place is pretentious. People here are relaxed and they just enjoy the beautiful interior and delicious food.

View from the balcony

Note: there is no special dress code for this place.


At the entrance door you will find a host who will help you with a table. Because the Caru Cu Bere restaurant usually gets crowded, you can’t just march in and take a seat on your own. 

Caru Cu Bere Balcony

The hostesses were very friendly. We asked to be seated on the balcony if possible and they found a table for us right away. That of course happened because we came to the restaurant at lunch time. Don’t expect that they would have free tables during dinner time. Actually, if you want to have dinner at Caru Cu Bere you better book a table, otherwise you might not be seated at all.

Our waiter was very helpful and friendly as well. Everyone there speaks English, so you won’t have any problems with ordering. 


Everything we saw at that restaurant looked amazing. However Caru Cu Bere has its specialty – pork knuckle. This slow roasted dish, full of flavor and very tender and covered with crispy skin is a “must try” in this restaurant (of course, if you are not a vegetarian or vegan). 

Pork Knuckle

The pork knuckle is served with pickles and banosh, which goes great with meat plus two beers. I want to warn you that this dish is huge, and it is definitely enough for 4 people. So do not order a lot from the beginning, because you won’t be able to finish. 

Alona and beer

For such a grand restaurant, the prices here are actually quite affordable.  For example the pork knuckle is just 108 RON ($23).

You can find the menu for Caru Cu Bere on the restaurant’s official website!

If you are heading to Bucharest and want to try some traditional and delicious Romanian food, I highly recommend this restaurant for one of your meals. 

Location: Strada Stavropoleos 5, București 030081, Romania

Disclaimer: Jet Set Together was not paid by “Caru Cu Bere” restaurant in Bucharest, Romania and did not accept any payment for a good review. The words expressed in this article are my honest opinion.

Restaurant Review: Caru Cu Bere In Bucharest, Romania

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