Lviv Oceanarium Review, Ukraine

Lviv is the cultural capital of Ukraine and there are quite a lot of things to do and to see. And although there are many historical sites in Lviv, there are also some cool things that might be interesting not just for the adults, but for kids as well. One of those places is the Lviv Oceanarium. 


Lviv Oceanarium Review,

Lviv Oceanarium is located in the central part of the city on Shevchenko Avenue (10 minutes walk from the Lviv Opera theater). You won’t miss the entrance, it is decorated nicely and attracts attention, so don’t worry. 

Oceanarium Building

Lviv Oceanarium Review,

Lviv Oceanarium occupies a three-floor building. The entrance is located along Shevchenko avenue, and the exit is through the back courtyard. 


At the entrance you get your tickets. The first part of the Oceanarium takes place on the first floor, after that you will go up the stairs to the third floor and exit throughout the second floor. 

What You Will See In Lviv Oceanarium?

Lviv Oceanarium Review,

The first floor exhibitions have a pretty nice variety of ocean life creatures. Besides everything else, on the first floor you will see a half-tunnel with many sharks swimming next and over you.


The third floor (a balcony floor) is an open space from where you can see half of the Lviv Oceanarium. There are not a lot of exhibitions per se, but you get a beautiful view of the fish below you. 

2nd and 3rd floors

From the third floor you will go down the stairs to the final stop. On  the way in the corridor there is a nice exhibition of seashells. The second floor has quite a lot of things to see, but my favorite one is an aquarium that looks like an old submarine filled with lots of small colorful fish.

The end of your Lviv Oceanarium excursion will be a souvenir shop with sea-themed items. They don’t have the widest variety of souvenirs, but there were a few things I really liked. 


Lviv Oceanarium is of course not the Valencia Oceanarium (one of the largest in the world), however it is a nice place to visit yourself or take your kids there. You won’t spend too much time, but definitely will leave full of good emotions. 

Address: Shevchenka Ave, 8, Lviv, L’vivs’ka oblast, 79000

Price: 250 UAH per person

Time: Mon – 11 AM to 4 PM, Tuesday to Friday 11 AM to 6:30 PM, Sat – Sun 11 AM to 7 PM

Lviv Oceanarium Review, Ukraine

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