Hotel Review: Lucky’s Bar & Cottages Gili Air

If you have ever have been to Bali, you have probably heard about three islands not too far away, where many people go for a few days. All the stories make you imagine a paradise with white send, warm water and tropical fruits. So that was what I was expecting from this part of Indonesia as well. What I saw when I arrived, and what bloggers forget to mention about Gili islands and what’s really is going on there. This hotel review focuses on Lucky’s Bar & Cottages located on Gili Air.


Our first stop was Gili Air, since we are not party people, we decided to stay her longer than at Gili Trawangan.  Our choice for accommodation was the aforementioned Lucky’s Bar & Cottages. Like most places, we booked through AirBnB and we got a bungalow right behind the bar. I know what you think, I just said that we are not party people and here we are staying at the bar. The thing is when we came there it was a middle of December, which is kind of off season. Therefore, we weren’t worried about loud parties every night.


That actually was true, the whole time we stayed at the Lucky’s Bar it was quiet and relaxing. We got our own bungalow with an air conditioner and outside bathroom. Yes, that is right, the bathroom was right behind the bungalow, of course there are walls around it, but no celling. That part didn’t trouble me at first ‘til the moment I got bitten by something and it stung so much. And then I saw bugs that looked like ticks. Scary, right. Never had an experience with ticks myself, but I have read lots of bad stories. I ran the photo of the bug through the Google recognition system and it came out with a stink bug. Not entirely sure that it is right, but it helped me to fall asleep.

Lucky’s Bar  Cottages

Pros & Cons

Pro: the bungalow is quite big with air unit; con: air conditioner couldn’t make the bungalow cool during the day, although during the nights it was comfortable. Pro: the premises have a pool; con: the pool is small, didn’t work for two days and even after it started working it stayed dirty. Pro: there were no problems with the water pressure; con: the water didn’t get hot or warm and it was salty, so we needed to buy fresh water to brush our teeth. Pro: from our room we didn’t hear what was going on in the bar; con: we could hear everything what was going on in the bungalow next to ours. Pro: Lucky’s bar offers a cheap breakfast and happy hour for cocktails (buy two pay for one); con: while the cocktails are good, the breakfast not so much. Pro: the internet worked just fine in the bar and outside the bungalow; con: the internet almost didn’t work inside the bungalows.


Lucky’s Bar & Bungalows wasn’t my favourite to stay at during our trip to Indonesia, though the staff that works there are very helpful and kind, which made our stay at the Lucky Bar AirBnB way better. We paid roughly $30 a night including fees and for that price there were better options even in the same area. I would not recommend Lucky’s Bar & Cottages if you were planning to stay for more than 1 night, but if you just need a place to drink, watch the sunset, crash, and then leave the next day then this place is perfectly suitable.

Lucky’s Bar  Cottages

We booked this place on the AirBnB. If you’ve never tried it before use my link and get $50 off your first booking!

Key Details:

Price: $33/night

Air-Conditioned Rooms: Yes

Breakfast Included: No

Pool On-Site: Yes

Maid Service: Yes

Recommended To Stay Here: For the short term

Address: Gili Air 83352

Hotel Review: Lucky’s Bar & Cottages Gili Air

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