Layover In Doha: What To Do In Doha, Qatar

We went to Doha, Qatar for only 38 hours. One of Qatar Airways’ deals is a free stopover in Doha. Cody decided that we should definitely take advantage of this offer when we are flying from Europe to Asia, so I started looking for information about this country. After all I read I wasn’t expecting  much from this country, but I was pleasantly surprised. Doha has proven to be an incredible place with a great list of things to do during our layover.

National Museum Of Qatar

National Museum of Qatar

One of the most incredible museums I had to see in my life. And it is probably not because there are some special exhibits, but because the building itself looks incredibly interesting, extraordinary and grandiose.

Layover in Doha: national museum of Qatar

The museum was opened in March 2019 and has quickly become one of the highlights of Qatar. The famous architect Jean Nouvel found his inspiration when he came across the desert rose crystal. If you have a layover in Doha, then the National museum of Qatar is the place to visit during your time in this city.

The Museum of Islamic Art

This is another museum that I recommend visiting. The museum’s collection includes jewelry, ceramics, wood and glass work that was gathered from three continents and dating from the 7th to the 19th century. Although the museum building does not look as fascinating as the National Museum, there is still a lot to enjoy.

Layover in Doha: Museum of Islamic art

First, the museum is in a prime location. From here it will be very easy for you to continue walking through the city without using any transportation. Second, on the right side of the museum is a beautiful park where you can relax and hide in the shade. And third and most important, from the territory of the museum there is a majestic view of the port and the skyscrapers in the West bay.

Take A Stroll Along The Old Port

The Old port

When you leave the museum turn to the right and you will reach the old port. It is a great place for a walk.

Along the walk you will see a few beautiful monuments and there are lots of benches where you can spend some time watching the water.

Layover in Doha

There are small boats moored along the harbor that you can rent for a tour of the bay.

Visit The Souq Waqif

This is a shopping area with many restaurants that offer different types of cuisine. Local people gather here to socialize, smoke a hookah and have dinner. I got the impression that the whole population of Qatar had gathered in this area because we saw almost no one in the other parts of the city. For those who have visited Istanbul, this place will remined you of the Grand Bazaar.

Layover in Doha: The Souq Waqif

Walk along the small alleyways where you can find many cute shops with sweets and various souvenirs. Cody and I decided to have dinner at one of the restaurants in this area. The food turned out to be delicious and not very expensive ($30 for two persons). For street food lovers there is a wide selection of different dishes such as Turkish Simit and Tantuni, Ice Cream, and fresh fruit smoothies.

Layover in Doha

The Pearl Qatar

Pearl Qatar

This is a fairly large man made island which has plenty of things to do. You can walk along the port, get a meal somewhere or go to the shopping area, but I think that you defiantly should visit the Venetian themed area. The buildings here are very colorful and beautiful, built in the Venetian style. Water channels pass through the entire area. Although the big difference from Venice, and you will notice it right away, is that people are hardly present in the streets.

Mexican food in Pearl Qatar

If you are a lover of Mexican cuisine, then I have good news for you. Here is an authentic restaurant that was opened by a Mexican expat and his wife. Especially well done is a classic Mexican desert: the churro.

Layover in Doha

Bring your swimsuit, as there are several beaches at the Pearl-Qatar, where tourists can relax. It was one of the last places we visited in Qatar and I got the impression that the rules of their dress code are a little more relaxed here.

Layover In Doha: What To Do In Doha, Qatar

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