How To Get To Granada From Malaga

Malaga city is a popular tourists’ destination in the south of Spain (Andalusia region). It’s no wonder that Malaga has quite a big airport with many international flights. That is why people who want to travel around the Andalusia region often choose to fly to Malaga instead of Barcelona or Madrid. Same with us, on the way to Granada we chose to fly to Malaga and get to our final destination by land. Here is how to get to Granada from Malaga by land.

Malaga, Spain
Malaga, Spain

Granada is a great Andalusian city that is popular among tourists. Here you can explore Moorish architecture, see beautiful Alhambra (one of the iconic European landmarks), and enjoy authentic Spanish tapas

Granada Cathedral

How To Get To Granada From Malaga

By Plane:

I have to mention that Granada has an international airport that you can fly in. However if you ended up in Malaga and don’t want to take another flight, all the information below will be useful for you. 

By Bus: 

Malaga to Granada by bus

There are a lot of buses that go from Malaga to Granada. To organize your schedule and buy your ticket I recommend using Omio website, or download the Alsa app (Alsa is a big bus company in Spain) and buy your ticket directly from the app. 

Alsa app

Some of the buses even go directly from the Malaga airport to Granada. You can check which ones on the website, or the app.

The bus ride will take 1 hour 30 minutes, and the ticket cost €13 per person.

By Train: 

There are also a few trains that go to Granada from Malaga. To be exact, as of today there are 3 trains that leave Malaga Maria Zambrano station at: 9:25 AM, 3:50 PM, and 8:25 PM (check out Omio website for any changes in the schedule). 

The train ride takes 1 hour 15 minutes, so almost the same as the bus, but costs €24 per person. 

By Taxi/Private Transfer: 

There is also the possibility to take a taxi or a private transfer from Malaga to Granada. However it’s not cheap. Expect to pay around €150 – €200 for such a ride.

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