5 European Countries For Foodies

Europe is a place where you can find an amazing variety of cuisines. Each country, no matter how small it is, has its own traditional food. Of course, there are still many dishes that are similar in different countries, but even so, the variety of different flavors in Europe is huge. After traveling throughout Europe over many years, I made a list of 5 European countries for foodies.

5 European Countries For Foodies


Italy is one of the best destinations for those who are into good quality delicious food. This is a paradise for chefs, food bloggers, and all tourists in general. 

5 European Countries For Foodies

When in Italy, you cannot say no to pasta Carbonara, Naples-style pizza, or a delicious authentic Italian tiramisu. 

Everywhere you go, whether it’s Rome, Florence, or even a small Italian village you will find good coffee, great wine, and amazing food.


France is a country known worldwide for great cuisine. When we talk about France, what is the first thing that pops in your head? For me it’s coffee, croissants, and cigarettes, and NOT some metal construction in the middle of Paris

5 European Countries For Foodies

Every corner of France has its own specialties, and all of them are well worth trying. Dishes from Normandy, Burgundy, Gascony, and many other places will make you fall in love with French cuisine right away. 

Besides their beef stew, onion soup, and fancy desserts, there are tons of fantastic cheeses, cured meats, and, of course, their bread. A simple picnic with such products can turn into an amazing feast. 


Although Spain, France, and Italy are basically neighbors, their cuisines are very different.

5 European Countries For Foodies

Spanish cuisine includes various dishes like Valencian Paella, croquettes, gazpacho, patatas bravas, fried or baked bacalao, and more. 

Tapas bar

One of the ways to try the best of Spanish cuisine is to visit Seville or Granada, where the culture of tapas is still alive. In both of these cities you can try traditional Spanish tapas, however the experience is different. In Seville you choose your tapas and pay for them, and in Granada tapas are a free gift from the chef that you get with ordering a drink. 


Most of the Balkan countries have many similar dishes in their cuisine. It is all due to the Ottoman Empire which conquered half of Europe and brought a big part of their culture to the occupied territories, including food. While you can understand Balkan cuisine by visiting one of the Balkan countries, if you want to get to the heart of this cuisine, you need to visit Turkey (preferably Istanbul). 

Turkish cuisine

Istanbul is at the crossroads of Christianity and Islam. This is a place where West and East meet and form a special, unique environment. You can see it in the architecture, exploring the history, or tasting the food. Turkey has one of the most unique flavors of Europe. 

Where to eat in Goreme, Cappadocia

I do recommend you to start your introduction to Turkish cuisine in Istanbul. This is one of the best places for foodies. You can visit spice bazaars, try different street foods, or go on an arranged food tour that will take you around the whole city to the most special locations. 


Hungary is basically the only country in Europe that actually eats spicy food. You can also say that Hungarian cuisine has similarity to the neighboring Czech Republic cuisine. Both of the cuisines are heavy on meat, and cheese, however Hungary has a more distinct taste. 

5 European Countries For Foodies

All of this due to one ingredient that Hungary is associated with – hot paprika. Most of the traditional dishes in Hungary are heavy on paprika spice. This spice gives Hungarian dishes a deep orange/red color, a distinct aroma, and strong flavor. In no way does paprika make Hungarian dishes bad, it is actually the opposite. The spice brings forth and opens the flavor of a dish. 

5 European Countries For Foodies

You can compare Hungary with their paprika to India with their curry. It is the highlight of the whole cuisine. 

5 European Countries For Foodies

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