Where To Find The Fairy Chimneys In Cappadocia

Cappadocia is a region in Turkey that is famous for hot air balloon rides and unique rock formations. These formations are called fairy chimneys and there are many of them all around Goreme and Uchisar cities. And if you booked a hotel in Goreme that has the word “cave” in it, chances are that you will live in one of those rocks. Although, all these rocks are pretty amazing there are a bunch among them that looks even more unique and they are called “love rocks”, “mushroom rocks” or “pen*s rocks”. In this article I’m going to tell you where to find the fairy chimneys in Cappadocia, and how to do it all by yourself.

Where To Find The Fairy Chimneys In Cappadocia

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There are a few valleys where you can find these “mushroom” rocks. And the closest and the most convenient one is “Zemi Valley”. It is located just 15 minutes walk from Goreme city and it has what you are looking for. 

Zemi Valley

For people who have the time and desire you can start your walk from the top of Zemi and work your way down the hill to the “love rocks”. The valley is about 4 kilometers long and it will take you a few hours to get to the bottom of it. To take a taxi to the entrance of the Zemi valley will cost you 15 TL and a few minutes. 

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For those like us, who had a pretty tiring day (exploring the Pigeon Valley for example) or who don’t care about long walks, I recommend going to the exit (bottom) of Zemi Valley and starting your walk there. It will take you about 10 minutes to get to the fairy chimneys. To get to the bottom of the Zemi valley from Goreme city you can also go by taxi (3 minutes and 15 TL), or by walking (15 minutes, free). 

Where To Find The Fairy Chimneys In Cappadocia

Zemi Valley is a charming place, especially during golden hour. Cody and I got to the valley around 5:30, it gave us time to film on our camera and shoot from the drone. By the way, it is not illegal to fly a drone around that area, but I still recommend doing this with caution.

Fairy Chimneys In Zemi Vallley

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At the bottom of Zemi Valley (right next to the fairy chimneys) there is a cute restaurant that you can visit. Although, I do recommend just taking some snacks with you and finding a great lookout point for a picnic during golden hour. What a perfect end to your day it would be. Just remember it is better to get out of the valley before it gets too dark to avoid any injuries.

Where To Find The Fairy Chimneys In Cappadocia

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