Hotel Review: Shota@Rustaveli Boutique Hotel (Relaxation Room), Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi is the capital city of Georgia and other than Batumi it is the most popular tourist spot. Tbilisi is considered to be one of the most chaotic and charming spots of the Caucasus region. Its long history of different rulers and other nation’s influences is represented in the architecture of the city. Different periods of Tbilisi history are crossed in a thread of streets that were built during Soviet Union time, streets that clearly have Persion influence, modern architecture, and others. Tbilisi offers a lot for a tourist and it is important to choose the most convenient place to stay. Here is my honest and completely unbiased review of the Shota@Rustaveli boutique hotel in Tbilisi. Hopefully this article will help you to determine if you want to stay at this hotel.

Location & How To Get To Shota@Rustaveli Boutique Hotel From The Airport

Shota@Rustaveli hotel is located next to the parliament building, just a short walk to the Tbilisi Old Town. This area is surrounded by beautiful Central European style buildings, decorated with statues and cute balconies. 

Bus to the center from the airport

To get to Shota@Rustaveli hotel from the airport you can go by taxi or bus. The taxi ride will take less than 30 minutes and cost around 40 GEL ($). It is an easy and convenient way to get to the hotel. But there is also bus #37 that goes from the airport to Shota@Rustaveli hotel (well, one block away). The bus takes 35-40 minutes to get to the hotel, costs 0,5 GEL per person, and it leaves every 20 to 30 minutes from the airport. 

Shota@Rustaveli Boutique Hotel Public Area

Shota@Rustaveli Boutique Hotel Public space

Shota@Rustaveli Boutique Hotel has a big public area next to the reception. The area is well decorated with lots of lights and a green feature in the middle of the room to make you feel more relaxed. There are a lot of comfortable couches and armchairs where you can wait for your check in or do some work if needed. 

Swimming pool

On the bottom floor (-1) there is a big indoor swimming pool and a few lounger chairs next to it. Next to the pool there is also a gym and two saunas for men and women. However when we stayed at the hotel both saunas were closed due to the Corona pandemic. 


The hotel has a pretty great Italian restaurant with a nice terrace. The food is tasty which makes it a perfect spot in case you are too tired to walk somewhere else. 

Service at Shota@Rustaveli Boutique Hotel

Service at Shota@Rustaveli Boutique Hotel was great most of the time. Staff at the reception desk were always very helpful and efficient. However, the cleaning staff was not that great. Through the seven nights we spent at this hotel there was always was something wrong: they forgot to clean our room, didn’t clean tea cups, didn’t refill coffee sticks (I always drink lots of coffee), forgot to give us big bath towels, so we had to use a tiny hand towel to dry ourselves after the shower. It wasn’t anything super terrible, and a quick call to the front desk fixed it, but it was something we noticed every day. 

The Room

Shota@Rustaveli Boutique Hotel

The room we got at Shota@Rustaveli Boutique Hotel was amazing. The huge space was filled with a king bed, a big wardrobe, a coffee table with a comfortable chair, a long desk, and a big bath tub on the side of the room behind a glass wall. And although I am more of a shower girl myself, I loved having that bath in the room. 

Shota@Rustaveli Boutique Hotel



So you already know that there was a big bathtub in the room, but we also had a nice rainfall shower with good water pressure. We also were provided with luxurious amenities during the whole stay.


Shota@Rustaveli Hotel offers a breakfast buffet at the hotel restaurant. However they charge around $20 per person which we thought was insanely high for Tbilisi. 


Shota@Rustaveli Hotel is a great spot to stay. It has a great location for exploring Tbilisi. The hotel itself looks great and has everything you might need: gym, sauna, pool, restaurant and so on. 

The one thing that I would like to be more efficient is the cleaning service, other than that Shota@Rustaveli Hotel is a fine place. 

Key Details

Price: $76/night

Air-Conditioned Rooms: Yes

Breakfast Included: No

Pool On-Site: Yes.

Maid Service: Yes

Recommended To Stay Here: Yes

Booking: Shota@Rustaveli Boutiq Hotel

Address: 1 Taras Shevchenko Str Tbilisi City, 0108, Georgia

Disclaimer: Jet Set Together was not paid for a stay at the Shota@Rustaveli Boutique Hotel in Tbilisi, Georgia and did not accept any payment for a good review. The words expressed in this article are my honest opinion.

Hotel Review: Shota@Rustaveli Boutique Hotel (Relaxation Room), Tbilisi, Georgia

Shota@Rustaveli Boutique Hot
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