Which of the Top US Beaches Have Smoking Bans?

Residents of Miami-Dade County have been anticipating approval of a specific proposed ordinance. If passed by the Housing, Recreation, Culture & Community Development Committee on May 8, the ordinance would effectively prohibit smoking in Miami-Dade’s public beaches and parks. This aims to follow in the footsteps of the city of Miami Beach, which outlawed smoking on beaches and in public parks beginning January 1.

Bans have similarly been enacted across the U.S. in an effort to promote public health and decrease the amount of cigarette butt litter by smokers. In this article, we review this growing trend and its implications for both smokers and beachgoers.

US Beach Destinations With Smoking Bans

HB 105 was signed into law by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in June 2022. Since then, at least 25 cities in Florida have enacted bans on vaping and smoking in public beaches and parks. This effectively prohibits visitors from smoking on the aforementioned Miami Beach, as well as Palm Beach, the popular ​​St. Pete Beach in the “Sunshine City” or St. Petersburg, and many more of Florida’s top beaches.

While Florida’s ban was relatively recent, Hawaii’s smoking outlaw at all state beaches has been in place since 2015. Many localities in Hawaii have since enacted their own smoke-free beach laws, meaning that smokers will have to search for alternatives if they’re at Wailea Beach in Maui or Waikiki Beach in Honolulu.

California is similarly not exempted from this prohibition since October 2019. Senate Bill 8 added Section 5008.10 to the Public Resources Code (PRC) in order to ban smoking activities in California state parks and beaches. Tourists are free to surf and enjoy the waves along the top beaches of Malibu, including Zuma Beach and Surfrider Beach, so long as they adhere to these
rules and stash their cigars and cigarettes away.

Smokers must be careful with these policies, especially in states with localized rules. See, for example, how South Carolina has yet to enact a statewide ban on smoking on public beaches.

However, many of their most famous beaches, such as Isle of Palms beaches and Folly Beach, have implemented special restrictions around smoking activities since 2020 and 2021, respectively. The quieter and less commercial North Myrtle Beach has even had a ban in place since 2012. It is important that smokers always double-check these rules and keep an alternative nicotine product that’s safe for public usage on hand.

Alternative Nicotine Products For Use

Smoking bans are keen to emphasize the health risks of secondhand smoke that allow them to pose a public threat. This allows smokers to circumvent these bans and still obtain their nicotine fix through smokeless products.

Snuff and chewing tobacco would typically be ideal alternatives to smokeless tobacco products. However, they still require users to spit out the tobacco juices that build up, which could be frowned upon on public beaches. Thankfully, there are other spitless products available that also do not produce any smoke. Nicotine pouches are often compared to chewing tobacco or
American dip because of their similar tactile sensation when used. However, unlike these products, nicotine pouches provide a full spectrum of flavors and nicotine strengths to help users have a more enjoyable experience. The On! nicotine pouches available on Prilla come in a variety of flavors, such as coffee and cinnamon, as well as differing strengths. That means all smokers, heavy and light, can find a solution to their tastes.

They also contain zero tobacco, so travelers hoping to enjoy a long day at the beach won’t need to deal with unpleasant odors or spit after using the product. Beachgoers who hope to enjoy water activities can also opt for nicotine patches from Habitrol, which is sold under Dr. Reddys Laboratories Ltd, one of the five major nicotine patch companies. These are water-resistant and can be worn on the arm or torso. This convenient usage makes them one of the top-selling alternative nicotine products in the US market, alongside nicotine pouches.

We can expect more of the US’s top beaches to implement smoking bans around the country. With the right alternatives, smokers everywhere can rest assured and thoroughly enjoy water and sand activities with their loved ones.

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Which of the Top US Beaches Have Smoking Bans?

US beaches smoking bans
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