Where To Get Breakfast In Poblado Medellin

One of the ways I judge a city I’m traveling in is by the quality of their breakfasts. I know many people are okay with a simple filter coffee at your hotel or airbnb but I love walking to a nice cafe in the morning, ordering a good quality espresso or pour-over, and enjoying a pastry or some eggs. As I have been living in Poblado, Medellin for a while now, I’ve noticed there’s no shortage of places for me to try. So if you are also looking for a good breakfast in Poblado Medellin then this article is just for you!

1. Vibe Donuts

This simple little donut and coffee shop was actually the very first place I got breakfast in Medellin. As I am living in the Poblado district not more than 5 minutes walk from here, it was an easy choice for a first place to go. 

Where To Get Breakfast In Poblado Medellin: Vibe Donuts

Vibe Donuts is just adorable. There are a few outside tables but I am guessing most people just get a coffee and donut to go. I recommend sitting down and enjoying your surroundings. There is a little river across the street and tons of lush greenery surrounding it. And let’s not forget, this place wouldn’t make my list if the actual offerings weren’t yummy.

Vibe Donuts

The coffee is made on a proper Italian style espresso machine so no need to worry about poorly made coffee here. And the donuts are just gigantic. Each donut is around $1.50-$2 but you really only need one. Paired with an excellent coffee you have a tasty and simple breakfast without breaking the bank. 

Where To Get Breakfast In Poblado Medellin: Vibe Donuts

Location: Cl. 8 ##34-23, Medellín, Antioquia

2. Pergamino

What to say about Pergamino that hasn’t already been covered by many travel bloggers before me. It would be easy to say that Pergamino is the most popular eatery in Poblado, and maybe even in all of Medellin for foreigners. This trendy place makes some of the best coffee you’ll ever have, and for a fair price as well.


Pergamino restaurant is located right in the heart of Zona Rosa, and has both inside and outside seating. You should note that table service is limited; you have to order and pay at the counter and then the server will bring your food and drinks to the table. 

Where To Get Breakfast In Poblado Medellin: Pergamino

Of course you have to get coffee at Pergamino, but there is a decently sized breakfast menu. I recommend the waffle with poached egg and sauce, or the baked eggs in tomato sauce. To be honest the food in my opinion isn’t anything outstanding, but it is a charming place for a breakfast or brunch with friends.


Location: Cra. 37 #8A-37, Medellín, Antioquia

3. Botanika Cocina Fresca

Botanika Cocina Fresca, not to be confused with Botanica (another great restaurant for dinner), is located just a minute away from Pergamino. This means if you don’t feel like waiting in line for Pergamino, you can come here! In fact, I think the food at Botanika is better, although the coffee was just okay. 

Where To Get Breakfast In Poblado Medellin: Botanika Cocina Fresca

This place is surrounded by lush greenery (like many places in Poblado, Medellin) and the mix of both indoor and outdoor space is very well done. The breakfast offerings are enough to satisfy most people – I recommend the hot oatmeal or the baked eggs in tomato-chorizo sauce.

Botanika Cocina Fresca

Prices are a bit high in my opinion, and the automatic 20% service fee seemed extraordinary for the quality of service, but all in all I found my food tasty and the atmosphere enjoyable so I still recommend Botanika as a place to get breakfast in Poblado.

Where To Get Breakfast In Poblado Medellin: Botanika Cocina Fresca

Location: Cl. 9a #37-03, Medellín, Antioquia

4. Mosquito Cafe

While the name might not sound super appealing, this charming rooftop cafe is a great spot to grab breakfast in the Poblado area of Medellin. Actually the cafe is part of The Somos boutique hotel, and while I rarely recommend hotel restaurants/bars, there are always exceptions to the rule.

Mosquito Cafe

This place was very well priced, and being up on the roof of a 10 story building gives brunches a fantastic view of Medellin. 

Mosquito Cafe

Now on to breakfast. I have two suggestions depending on what you like to eat in the morning. For those looking for a savory meal I suggest the egg sandwich, which has caramelized onions and is served on a brioche bun. If you are a sweet-tooth then I suggest the French toast with dulce de leche and fresh and preserved fruit. 

Mosquito Cafe

My only complaint, and this is true of most places in Colombia, is that service is quite slow. The service was friendly of course, but slow nonetheless. I guess that’s just something about Colombian culture I have to get used to…

Location: Cl 10A ## 40 – 19, Medellín, Antioquia

Where To Get Breakfast In Poblado Medellin

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