Where To Do A Vodka Tasting In Krakow, Poland

Poland has been drinking and producing vodka for years before this drink became world known. They have perfected their distilleries to make the most clear, high quality vodka in the world. Therefore, when traveling in Poland it is obligatory to do a vodka tasting, especially if you are visiting Krakow

There are a few ways to do a vodka tasting in Krakow. You can find quite a few guided tours that offer to take you around the city to different bars to try their specialties. 

There is also an option to go bar hopping yourself and try different vodkas at different locations. However, since vodka is a very strong drink I am not sure how many bars you would be able to visit. Especially if you are alone and don’t have a friend to take care of you and help you get to your accommodation

Where To Do A Vodka Tasting In Krakow, Poland

Therefore the best option is to visit a cozy bar with a wide selection of vodkas and tasting flights. One of such bars is Wodka Cafe Bar in the old town of Krakow

Wodka Cafe Bar

Wodka Cafe Bar is a small, cozy bar with a great selection of vodka. 

Besides the classic vodka, Wodka Cafe Bar offers a large variety of flavored vodkas also known as nalewki or tinctures. 

Such tinctures are usually not as strong (18% – 28%) as classic vodka (40%) and are based on the fruits, herbs, and spices of the region. 

You also can find a few creamy tinctures in Wodka Cafe Bar such as salted caramel, coconut, and chocolate. 

Where To Do A Vodka Tasting In Krakow, Poland

Wodka Cafe Bar has a great option for tasting different flavors of vodka. They offer six half shots (around 25 ml) of different flavored vodka (that you can choose yourself). 

Most people get the tasting set, and then get one more (for a company of two people). We did the same, and at first ordered the most popular choices on the menu which were: caramel, coconut,chocolate, cherry, raspberry, plum. 

The first three were creamy tinctures that tasted quite good, but very sweet. The chocolate one was especially delicious, but the taste of vodka ruined it a bit. Therefore, we decided that the creamy ones are not the best options in general. 

Wodak Cafe Bar

The other three (cherry, raspberry, and plum) were clear tinctures and tasted great. Therefore our next tasting set we chose only clear ones (apricot, lemon, quince, mint, walnut, ginger). 

Note: while drinking sweet or flavored vodka be aware that it is still quite a strong drink. The creamy choices are around 18%, and the clear ones are 28%. 

Besides the great choice of flavored vodkas, the Wodka Cafe Bar has a great price. For the tasting set with creamy tinctures we paid 51 zloty, and for the second tasting set with just cleared tinctures we paid 43 zloty. So it is around 10$ per set.

Where To Do A Vodka Tasting In Krakow, Poland

Wodka Cafe Bar
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