Things To Do In Canggu

One of the most popular areas to stay in Bali is Canggu. This city is just 45 minutes to an hour north of Denpasar airport (depending on traffic) and filled with awesome things to do. I love the culture here, from all the health food restaurants, to the types of visitors, everything just seems so chill and relaxed. There are so many things to do in Canggu I know this list will only scratch the surface, but if you are here for a few days then hopefully it will be helpful!

Table Of Contents

  1. Batu Bolong beach
  2. Surfing
  3. Get a smoothie bowl
  4. Go to the Bazaar in Canggu
  5. Get dinner in one of the cozy restaurants
  6. Get freshly squeezed juice
  7. Watch a beach sunset

Batu Bolong Beach

Canggu: Batu Balong Beach

If you are staying in Canggu area the Batu Bolong beach will be a place that you need to go. It is not difficult to get to this beach. Just take Pantai Batu Bolong street all the way down to the west. Easy, right? Pantai Batu Bolong is the main street in Canggu. There are many AirBnBs and guests houses along the way that are affordable, so it is understandable why most of the visitors are staying here. It is mostly a chill area and the beach has the same vibe.


After being to a few beaches around Bali this one seemed fairly clean. You can rent a set of two sun beds and an umbrella for 100.000 IDR per day. There are lots of restaurants and small cafes where you can get a fresh coconut or a cold bottle of beer. The ocean water is not cold, but be aware of the big waves. For those who are bad swimmers it will be better (safer) if you won’t go to the water alone. Here you can rent a surf board and take it for a spin.

Surfing In Canggu


Canggu is a great place for those who love to surf. There are three main spots for surfers: Batu Bolong beach, Echo beach and Berawa beach. You can easily rent a surf board on the beach or take private lessons if you are new to the sport.

Canggu: surfing

If you are going to stay a long time in Bali and want to surf constantly you better have your own board. The rental boards are sometimes damaged, old and soft (foamy), mostly for beginners and often it can break if you get real wave. Try not to pay more than 100.000 IDR for a full day and a decent board. But be ready to haggle because vendors will try to rip you off

Although the surf season starts at the end of spring till the beginning of September, the waves are good to surf all year around.

Get A Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie bowl

One of the iconic dishes in Bali that you absolutely need to try is a smoothie bowl. And in Canggu you can always find a wide selection of such dishes in almost every restaurant. It is a mix of a fruit smoothie with added toppings like granola, coconut flakes, fresh fruit, and more…

Canggu: smoothie bowl

Honestly, the first time I decided to try it was just because it looked pretty and I thought that I can deal with the taste (I am not a fan of yogurts). But it wasn’t what I had expected it was way better. It’s not just some boring fruity yogurt, it is an actual smoothie but thicker in the way you need to eat it not drink it and it has all these cool toppings.

Chocolate smoothie bowl

Smoothie bowls are a pretty good breakfast food plus it gives you energy. It is light and delicious and after one bowl you always feel full. Cody even made a list of the five best smoothie bowls in Canggu!

The Canggu Bazaar

Bazaar in Canggu

Shopping is one of the most important parts of Canggu for tourists. There are ton of stores with souvenirs and cute clothes. You can get colorful bathing suits or even fashionable lounge wear from both international and local brands. One of the places to do some shopping is the Canggu bazaar. This is a little outdoor marketplace that has everything from clothes and accessories, to traditional Balinese handicrafts.


You must make sure to haggle here because the first price the vendor gives you is way way more than you should pay. I try to settle on a final price of about 25% of their first offer, but you may have better luck (or more skills) than me.

Get Dinner In One Of The Cozy Restaurants In Canggu

Cozy cafe

There is no shortage of cute restaurants in Canggu, especially on the main street. You can of course find Indonesian food at one of the many warungs, but there are also tons of restaurants that serve international food as well.

Cozy estaurant

You can see my list for Where To Eat In Canggu for more examples, but whatever you are in the mood for, you’ll most likely be able to find it. One of my favorite restaurants is a seafood place called Moana. It’s quite affordable and has a great ambiance.

Most meals will run about $10-15 a person depending on the amount you drink, but it’s possible to have a very nice dinner for 2 for less than $20 if you do not drink cocktails.

Get A Freshly Squeezed Juice

Green Detox

One of my favorite things about Canggu is the overall healthy living atmosphere. I noticed how I more often than not chose a freshly squeezed juice, or one of the many organic detox juices over beer or a cocktail. It was such a refreshing and healthy feeling and one of the many things I love about Bali in general.


Every café has their own selection of juices, but you can also order to-go drinks or something from streetside kiosks. There’s not a lot better than a healthy drink as you make your way down to the beach for some relaxing.

Watch The Sunset On The Beach

Sunset on the beach

Let’s finish this list by heading back to Batu Bolong beach to catch a beautiful sunset. There are tons of beach bars with cozy bean bag chairs right on the sand for you to relax. Drinks are affordable and the views are fantastic.

The beach sunset

Since Canggu is on the west side of Bali you can see the sunset every night, which is a popular pastime for locals and tourists alike. I personally love how the skies turn many shades of orange, even looking red and purple at times. Watching the sunset from Batu Bolong beach is definitely a perfect way to end your day.

Canggu sunset

What To Do In Canggu

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