Useful Phrases In Ukrainian For Tourists

Ukraine is quite a new tourist destination and it is becoming popular every year. Although some of the cities like Lviv and Odesa are used to foreigners, therefore people speak some English, many people in small cities do not speak English. So, I made a list of the most useful phrases in Ukrainian that would help you to travel through this country.

EnglishUkrainianHow To Read
Hello (formal) / Good DayДобрий День[Dobrii Den’]
Hi Привіт[Privit]
Good morning / good eveningДобрий ранок / Добрий Вечір[Dobrii Ranok / Dobrii Vechir]
Good bye / good nightДо побачення / Гарної ночі [Do Pobachenya / Garnoi Nochi]
Thank youДякую[Dyakuyu]
PleaseБудь Ласка [Bood Lahska]
Yes / NoТак / Ні [Tak / Ni]
Do you speak English?Ви говорите Англійською[Vi Govoriitay Angliiskoyu]
I don’t understandЯ не розумію[Ya Ne Rozumiiyu]
I am fromЯ з  [Ya Zz]
How are you?Як Ви[Yak Vi]
Left, Right, Straight, Back, Turn AroundЛіво / Право / Прямо / Назад / Повернутися [Livo, Pravo, Priamo, Nazad, Povernutisia]
Check pleaseРахунок буль ласка[Rahunok, Bood’ Lahska]
How much (many)?Скільки[Skilki]
How long?Як довго [Yak Dovgo]
At what time?В скільки [Vi Skilki]
What time is it?Яка година[Yaka Godina]
Where is it (bathroom)?Де це / Де туалет[De Tse / De tualet]
Open / ClosedВідкрито / Закрито [Vidkrito / Zakrito]
I am allergic toЯ маю алергію[Ya Maiyu Alerhiiyu]
Doesn’t workЦе не працює[Tse Ne Pratsyu’eh]
Spicy / not spicyГостре / Не гостре [Gostre / Ne Gostre]
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10один, два, три, чотири, п’ять, шість, сім, вісім, дев’ять, десять[odin, dva, tri, chotiri, piat’, shist’, sim, visim, deviat’, desiat’]

I prepared a list of articles that might help you with exploring Ukraine.

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In the West of Ukraine lay the Ukrainian Carpathians. It is a beautiful oasis of thick forests, mountain rivers, and a numberless amount of trails you can hike. For the camping lovers here are some useful articles:

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Useful Phrases In Ukrainian For Tourists

Useful Phrases In Ukrainian For Tourists
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