“Trust The Chef” Experience At Tapassio Restaurant in Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is a city full of interesting things to do, but also one with great restaurants and bars. Among those good restaurants there are a few gems where you can have a unique experience. One of those gems is Tapassio restaurant that is located in Pest. Here is my review of Tapassio restaurant in Budapest and their “Trust the chef” experience.

Tapassio is a tapas restaurant. The experience in Tapassio is similar to that in Seville where you can choose your tapas and you pay for them individually (in Granada tapas are served as a free addition to your drink, and you can’t choose which tapa you will be served). 

“Trust The Chef” Experience At Tapassio Restaurant in Budapest, Hungary

And “Trust the chef” is a choice on the menu that is very popular. You get a tasting menu with 11 courses that includes meat, seafood, and vegetable dishes, plus desserts. If you think that 11 dishes is too much, don’t forget that Tapassio is a tapa restaurant, so the dishes are not that big.

To order such an experience you can if you have a company of two or more people. So if you are traveling with your partner this restaurant can be a great spot for a romantic dinner. 


I cannot leave out the service in Tapassio restaurant. It was great! As soon as we arrived our coats were taken away and we were seated. The waiter and the administrator spoke great English and explained to us about the menu and the unique experience they offer there. 

Throughout the whole dinner our waiter was very attentive to us. We ordered a bottle of wine and our glasses were never empty.  Every tapa we received was explained as well. 

Trust The Chef

After we decided to go with the “Trust the chef” choice we were brought a complimentary starter – a pumpkin spread with croutons, which was really good, or at least I was too hungry to think otherwise. 


It didn’t take long to start the tasting. The first three courses arrived at the same time (on a plate tower). The first tapa we tried was a tuna tartare with some sort of cream cheese on the bottom and spring onion as a garnish on the top.  The second tapa was two types of crispy croquettes (fish and ham). The third one was a plate of cooked mussels in marinara sauce. I am usually not a fan of marinara sauce, but this time I really enjoyed it. 

Tapassio restaurant in Budapest

The next three dishes we received were as tasty as the first ones. The first one was gnocchi with creamy cheese sauce garnished with crumbled walnuts and strips of cured meat. The second one was baby octopuses cooked in a red wine sauce and served in a halved wine bottle. Interesting idea, don’t you think? I decided to try to make a few such plates for myself when I get home. The third dish was a beef carpaccio drizzled with a sauce, and garnished with rocket (arugula) and crumbled walnuts. 


The last two out of three savory tapas are for the meat lovers. We got  tender lamb chops garnished with pistachio. The second was a perfectly cooked (rare) steak Chateaubriand. And the third tapa – fried polenta with cheese and sweet sauce on top. Overall, I wasn’t that impressed with polenta, but the meat tapas were absolutely amazing. Although I can see that a rare steak might not be to everyone’s liking. 

“Trust The Chef” Experience At Tapassio Restaurant in Budapest, Hungary

After all those amazing savory tapas we received two types of dessert: coconut panna cotta with jam on top and the best gelato I have tried in my life (and I have been to Italy many times). There were two types of gelato: pistachio and mango. Even if you are not going to order “Trust the chef” at this restaurant, be sure to try their gelato (it is mindblowing). 

“Trust The Chef” Experience At Tapassio Restaurant in Budapest, Hungary

Note: Tapas that are served as chefs choice are sometimes changing, so you don’t really know what you will get, but be sure that it is going to be a great experience. 

Key Information: 

Price: for 2 people we paid $80 (it includes “trust the chef” and a bottle of wine, along with the service charge) 

Location: Budapest, Hercegprímás u. 13, 1051 Hungary

Working hours: Monday to Thursday: 4 PM to 11 PM; Friday – 4 PM to 12 AM; Saturday 12 PM to 12AM; Sunday 12PM to 11PM 

Website: tapassio.com

Disclaimer: Jet Set Together was not paid by “Tapassito” restaurant in Budapest, Hungary and did not accept any payment for a good review. The words expressed in this article are my honest opinion.

“Trust The Chef” Experience At Tapassio Restaurant in Budapest, Hungary

“Trust The Chef” Experience At Tapassio Restaurant in Budapest, Hungary
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