A surfer’s guide to the Balearic Islands

Historically, the Balearic Islands haven’t been known as a global surfing hotspot, as they’ve generally been overshadowed by their Iberian counterparts. However, in recent years, the archipelago has gained a burgeoning reputation within surfing circles, and with a little bit of prior planning, you can certainly enjoy a memorable surfing experience in the Balearics’ surrounding seas.

Whether you’re unsure which way up a surfboard goes or you’re already a total pro, there are lots of opportunities for surfing around the islands. Due to the location of the archipelago, you may find waves are more inconsistent than on the mainland’s Atlantic coast, but there are some spots you can hunt down which will offer more favorable conditions than others. Here, we run through some of the best surfing hotspots in the Balearic Islands and suggest the best time of year to enjoy the waves, so you can start planning your next surfing retreat.

Best Surf Spots

Cala Mitjana

With 550km of coastline, it’ll come as no surprise that Majorca boasts some of the best surf spots in the archipelago. Typically, the best conditions for surfing will be found off the north and northeast coasts, where strong winds and year-round mild sea temperatures make it a surfer’s paradise.

Cala Mitjana is one of Majorca’s hidden gems, and is generally more popular amongst locals rather than tourists. This is due to the lack of amenities in and around the beach, but the more relaxed atmosphere will only make for an even better day’s surfing. There are no surf schools found in this part of the island, so it will be better suited to the more experienced surfer who is comfortable tackling the waves unsupervised.

Иest Surf Spots

Cala Nova

Located on Ibiza’s eastern coast, Cala Nova is a popular beach resort amongst tourists and locals alike. Here you can enjoy the best of both worlds, with the beach retaining its natural charm and allure, whilst the extensive choice of restaurants and amenities make it one of the White Island’s most revered sandy stretches.

Whilst wind speeds are inconsistent, on a good day, Cala Nova is unquestionably one of the best surf spots anywhere in the archipelago. The waters are typically very shallow and visibility is good here, making it a beach that can’t simply be enjoyed from the shores. It is worth noting that bad weather conditions can create a dangerous undertow in the water, so be sure to check the forecast before taking to the waves.

Surfing For Beginners

Surfing For Beginners

If you’re a complete novice looking to try your hand on the waves for the very first time, it is advisable to seek professional help through one of the many surf schools found across the islands. Palma is one of the most popular regions for surfing beginners due to the high concentration of schools set up there, with many companies offering multi-day camps, perfect for new surfers looking to learn the basics.

When is the best time to go?

Whilst the majority of people would associate a trip to the Balearics with a sunny summer holiday, if you’re looking for the best surfing experience, visit during the autumn and winter months. At this time of year, weather conditions will still be favorable for exploring the islands by sea, with average temperatures never dipping below 14°C even in midwinter.

At this time of year, the islands will generally see bigger waves and far more consistent swells which ultimately create better surfing conditions. What’s more, at this time of year you can take advantage of the quieter beaches and amenities, with the majority of the islands’ tourism happening during the summer months.

How To Get To The Balearic Islands?

There are many daily flights both domestic and international to the popular islands such as Ibiza and Majorca, but if you’re already along the coast you might try taking a boat. While less economical and more time consuming, it is more comfortable and scenic.

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A surfer’s guide to the Balearic Islands

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