Shopping in Lviv, Ukraine

Lviv is a city that has many cute cafes and amazing restaurants. There is also a good amount of small souvenir shops all over the old town. And if you are a tourist that is probably enough for you, but for those who moved to Lviv for some time and are looking to do some proper shopping, Lviv can seem like a city without malls. That is because some of the malls are hidden. So here is a list of places to shop all around Lviv. 


Forum is one of the biggest malls in Lviv and it is located approximately 15 minutes walking from the center of the city (Ratusha). 

Shopping in Lviv, Ukraine

The mall has three floors. On the first one you can find some clothing stores, jewelry stores, Brocard (make up) and a pretty big Silpo (grocery store), pet store, laundry, medicine store and others. 

On the second store there are mostly stores with clothes, shoes, and electronics. You can also find a nail salon on the second floor of Forum. 

Shopping in Lviv, Ukraine

On the third floor there is an area with a few restaurants including a Georgian restaurant, sushi restaurant, a few fast food places and a few places that serve traditional Ukrainian food. There is also a cinema that unfortunately doesn’t have many English speaking movies. The third floor is also a place where you can find the bathroom. 

Location: Pid Dubom Street, 7Б, Lviv, Lviv Oblast, 79000

Victoria Garden

Victoria Garden is the biggest mall there is in Lviv. It has just two floors, but they are just massive, and to be frank I always get lost there. The mall is located a bit far from the center and to get there you most likely need to take a taxi. 

Victoria garden
Shopping in Lviv, Ukraine

The first floor has a big grocery store and many clothing stores, two home decor stores and some other boutiques. On  the first floor there is also a nice sitting area with a fountain and a few benches. The second floor has a cinema, a few restaurants, and a few other clothing stores.

Location: Kulparkivska St, 226а, L’viv, Lviv Oblast, 79000

Roksolana mall

Roksolana mall is located in the center just 5 minutes away from the Rynok square. You might not notice at first this mall, it is located in one of Austrian buildings and looks more like a fancy hotel than a mall.

I wouldn’t say that Roksolana mall would be my first choice if I want to find some new clothes. However, there is a very cool craft store that I really like on the third floor and a big grocery store in the basement.

Location: Soborna Square, 14, Lviv, Lviv Oblast, 79000

Vernisazh mall

Vernisazh mall is one of the newest malls and it is located nearby the Ratusha (city hall), right next to Bachevskyi restaurant. The mall has a store with traditional Ukrainian clothes. If you are looking for a good peanut butter, Vernisazh mall is the place for you. A Ukrainian brand that makes all kinds of nut butter has their flagship store there. 

Shopping in Lviv, Ukraine

Vernisazh mall has also one of the best viewpoints of the city center that you can visit while the mall is open. Just get to the top floor and walk up the stairs to the terrace, there you will find an incredible view of the city.


Location: Shevska Street, 12, Lviv, Lviv Oblast, 79007

Vernissage bazaar

Yes, I know, another place that is called “Vernisazh”. But Vernissage bazaar is a flea market where you can find the best souvenirs for your friends and family. This is also a place where I usually buy some super warm wool socks for the winter. 

Vernissage Bazaar
Shopping in Lviv, Ukraine

Vernisazh bazaar is located 2 minutes walking from the Ratusha and it is a one of the must visit places in Lviv. 

Location: Vicheva Square, Lviv, Lviv Oblast, 79000


Shuvar bazaar is actually not one but two places: the Upper Shuvar and the Lower Shuvar. Since the Upper Shuvar has mostly clothing stores and they are mostly not retail stores, you would want to visit the Lower Shuvar. 

The Lower Shuvar is a grocery bazaar where you can find pretty much everything. This is the place where I and Cody would pick up good quality steaks, crawfish, and vegetables from local farms. 

Location: Khutorivka St, 4б, Lviv, Lviv Oblast, 79070

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