Review: Venus Hotel Pamukkale

When visiting Pamukkale many people don’t really care about where they lodge. In fact, many people only come to Pamukkale as part of a day trip to see the famous travertine terraces. We, however, decided to spend two nights in this little town as we aimed at getting into Heiropolis and the pools right when it opens. Thus we had to take on the mission of finding a hotel for our stay. This review of the Venus Hotel Pamukkale is as usual unbiased and un-sponsored. 

Pamukkale, tourists
The famous travertine terraces of Pamukkale.

The full name of the hotel is Venus Suites Hotel, and I’ll say right off the bat we found it to be a great value. The rooms, although on the smaller side, were very well appointed and had plenty of charging ports which are always needed as a travel blogger. 

Pamukkale lake

Let’s first talk about location. Venus Suites Hotel is located about 600 meters from the bottom entrance to the famous terraces. This means that it’s situated in a decent location, yet still off the main street so you won’t hear any street traffic. On the corner is a little market if you need to buy some snacks or drinks.

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Getting To Pamukkale

We arrived at the hotel late at night after taking a Pamukkale bus from Kusadasi to Denizli. From the Denizli bus terminal you can hop on a Dolmus (Dol-moosh) that will take you to Pamukkale town for 5 Lira. Or you can just do what we did and grab a taxi which will take you door to door for around 70-90 Lira.

Pamukkale, Cody
Cody enjoying one of the travertine pools

If you are in Western Turkey and want to visit Pamukkale on your own, I highly recommend booking transportation through Pamukkale Bus Company to Denizli. The busses are comfortable and have tv and plenty of charging ports. 

Denizli is the largest city near Pamukkale, and it does have its own airport. Which means if you are staying in Istanbul, you can just fly directly to Denizli and then sort out taking a dolmus (small public bus) or taxi.

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Venus Suites Hotel Double Room

Arriving to a hotel after 9 pm is never very pleasant since all you want to do is get into your room and relax. Luckily check-in was speedy and took just a few minutes for them to scan our passports and give us the keys. 

Venus Hotel, Pamukkale

The Venus Hotel double room cost us $33 a night and included breakfast. Inside the room was a large bed (albeit a little hard…some people like that type though) with plenty of pillows. The air-con was extremely efficient and chilled the room down to 17 Celsius in less than 10 minutes. There is also a decently sized television but we just preferred to watch tv on our computer at night.

Venus Hotel, TV

My main complaint about the bed would actually be the bedding. The ‘sheet’ felt like a scratchy towel and there was no comforter. It was really unfortunate because I do judge hotels on the quality of their bedding, and while Venus Suites Hotel did a great job in almost everything, that darn sheet was just so disappointing. 

Unfortunately we did not get a room facing the pool, so our view was not very good. It just looked out over the entrance to the hotel and an alley. 

Venus Hotel, terrace

The bathroom was interestingly set up to say the least. The entire thing is clad in black marble! However the amenities were standard, with shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and soap available. I will give compliments to the shower as the water pressure and heat were both very good. 

Venus Hotel bathroom

Wi-fi at the hotel was quite good and we were able to watch Netflix no problem any time of day. I will point out that there are two different wi-fi usernames depending on your building. The main building wi-fi just goes by Venus and the second building goes by Venus Hotel.


One of the highlights of our stay at the Venus Hotel Pamukkale is definitely the restaurant. Very rarely am I impressed with a hotel restaurant when the hotel is in this price range, but I absolutely was. On our first night, as we arrived so late, they even offered to keep the kitchen open a bit longer so that we can drop our stuff in the room and then get some food. 

Venus Hotel, restaurant

We ordered their curry fried chicken two nights in a row which, while simple, was satisfying. Also the various meze (small plates) they have on the menu are great choices if you are hungry but want to try a variety of things. I recommend the marinated eggplant and the spicy tomato dip.

Venus Hotel, breakfast
Free breakfast at the Venus Pamukkale Hotel

Our room had breakfast included in the price and it is just a simple Turkish breakfast. Plenty of bread, cheeses, eggs, along with some grilled beef sausages and sigara borek (cheese wrapped in filo pastry and fried). 

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The hotel features a large pool with sun loungers that we took full advantage of after spending the early morning exploring the travertine terraces. In fact, on hot days, it was very enjoyable having an Efes beer and going for a swim. Clean towels are provided to all guests and the staff will be more than happy to bring you food and drinks right to your lounger. 

Venus Hotel, pool

Final Thoughts On Venus Hotel Pamukkale

While there was only one big issue (the terrible sheet on the bed) I would say that I was pleased with the Venus Hotel Pamukkale. I know most people come for one thing only, and don’t care about where they stay, but if you do plan on doing an overnight I would recommend this hotel. 

Room Name: Venus Suites Hotel Double Room

Location: 9/10

Staff: 9/10

Food: 8/10 

Room Comfort: 7/10

Cleanliness: 9/10

Key Details:

Price: $33/night

Air-Conditioned Rooms: Yes

Breakfast Included: Yes

Pool On-Site: Yes

Maid Service: Yes

Recommended To Stay Here: Yes.

Address: Hasan Tahsin Cd. No:21, 20190 Pamukkale Belediyesi/Denizli Merkez/Denizli, Turkey

Review: Venus Hotel Pamukkale

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