Restaurant Review: 678 KOREAN BBQ in Medellin, Colombia

In Medellin there is a restaurant called 678 KOREAN BBQ which is quite a special place to me, so I am going to tell you the whole story of my experience here.

After traveling in Colombia for over two month I got a little bit tired of arepas, patacones, and beans, so I started craving something else, something Asian. And that is when we arrived in Medellin. 

Back home (Lviv, Ukraine) we have this great restaurant that a Korean family owns. There they make delicious, authentic Korean food. I decided to look for something like that here in Medellin. 678 KOREAN BBQ was the only place I found that looked promising, plus it was a Korean BBQ. 

We booked a table for the next evening, and the whole next day I was super excited about having Korean BBQ. This restaurant is located in the Poblado neighborhood, so it was just a 15 minutes walk from our place. 

Restaurant Review: 678 KOREAN BBQ in Medellin, Colombia

Once we arrived and gave our names for the reserved table, we were informed that there is no such a reservation. Oh boy, to tell you that I was disappointed it’s hard to put into words.

The deal with the reservation is that they accept reservations just through WhatsApp or phone call. The ones that are made through Google they cannot see, so they are kinda lost. 

Right away I want to answer your question “Why didn’t they take down Google’s reservation option?”. We asked the same thing and they said that they tried, but it didn’t work. 

We were told that it can take an hour until the first table will be free. And since I waited for this meal the whole day, we decided to stay and wait. 

Outside the restaurant there were a few small waiting tables (lucky us!), so we got comfortable and prepared ourselves for a long wait. The manager must have been feeling sorry for us, so he brought us three bottles of Corona (on the house). And finally after around half an hour later one of the tables left and we were seated. 

For three people we ordered 4 plates of meat. Each meat plate was served with three side dishes, so by ordering 4 plates we got to try all the side dishes on the menu for free. 

After waiting the whole day (and another extra hour) to get Korean BBQ I was going to do everything properly, therefore we got beer with our food and a bottle of Soju. 

I must mention that the service here is great. The food arrived fast, every time we ordered anything extra it was right there. Our table was cleaned of empty plates and dirty napkins very fast as well. 

Now about the food. I just want to tell you that I was so satisfied and happy after this restaurant. The meat was very fresh, and the sides were just delicious. 

Restaurant review

During our stay in Medellin we came back to 678 KOREAN BBQ three times, and every time we were super happy with this place. Of course, from now on we’re making table reservations through WhatsApp. 

Funny thing, we met a girl from South Korea while at a cafe who got so excited when she found out we were going to 678 she asked if we had extra space on the reservation so she could join! Therefore if you are craving good Asian food while traveling in Medellin this Korean BBQ restaurant is a place to visit.  

Key Information:

Price: around $30 per person

Phone number for booking: +573003759110

Location: Cra. 35 ##10b-29, Medellín, El Poblado, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

Disclaimer: Jet Set Together was not paid by 678 KOREAN BBQ restaurant in Medellin, Colombia and did not accept any payment for a good review. The words expressed in this article are my honest opinion.

Restaurant Review: 678 KOREAN BBQ in Medellin, Colombia

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