Pondok Joglo Canggu Review

Bali is a dream place for lots of people. For us, this was our second trip to Bali (and third overall to Indonesia). Here we decided to spend all December. The first time we stayed at the expensive Westin Nusa Dua and didn’t really get the experience and emotions everyone talked about, so this time we decided to stay in relatively cheap places (compare to Klapa Resort in Uluwatu) – at the Pondok Joglo Canggu.

Bedroom at Pondok Joglo Canggu

Our first stop was Canggu, where we rented a bungalow for four nights. Since we arrived very late, all we saw was just our room. Pretty spacious room with a high roof. We had air conditioning and a fairly comfortable bed. There was no wardrobe in the room (but one in the bathroom), but there was a table and two side tables with table lamps that we didn’t use (we needed to charge all the electronics somewhere).


I really liked the bathroom, it’s simple and comfortable. Very Bali style with white pebbles on the floor.


The first night I woke up to the sound of the heavy rain. In a way, the bungalow inside amplified the sound and the rain was very loud, also we could hear everyone walking on the street by the property as if they were in our room.

The courtyard

In the morning we had a close look. So here it is: the courtyard is very beautiful. There is a small pool, which is enough for a few people. There are only four bungalows on this property and most of the time Cody and I were alone. Near the pool is a table with a large umbrella and four sun beds. The downside was that the staff did not provide beach towels (only one pool towel was lying on the sunbed, probably for the first to wake up).

Pondok Joglo Canggu

As for the bungalows: they look very exotic and beautiful. A big plus is the air conditioning. Cons: The walls are made of thin wood and have slits, no soundproof at all. Since the walls are so thin I was afraid that something can get inside while we’re sleeping.

Thin walls
You can see how thin the walls are

Although we had air conditioning, it could not cool down the whole room properly (not to mention the bathroom) and at night it was still very hot. Another problem at the Pondok Joglo Canggu was that there were no real windows in the house, that is, there was a space for a window, but no glass, which was covered with wooden doors. This made it impossible to open them and keep the temperature cool inside. Also, a big disadvantage was the lighting in the room, during the day it was very dark inside even with all the lamps on.

Pondok Joglo Canggu
As you can see: no open windows

Now about the Internet: we had internet in the bungalows, but we felt it was quite weak, only two bars, but at the pool the internet was decent. So we managed to get some work done.

Sun beds

Overall I think this place was a great value for the money. When you book cheaply you really shouldn’t expect too much, so I can’t say I was disappointed in Pondok Joglo Canggu. Although I must mention that I did see a rat in the rafters which gave me quite the shock!

Pondok Joglo Canggu

We ended up paying around $30 a night after fees, since we booked through AirBnB. I love using AirBnB to book vacation rentals. If you’ve never tried it before use my link and get $50 off your first booking!

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