Learn To Ski In Bukovel, Ukraine

For those who are going to travel to Ukraine in winter, and always wanted to learn how to ski, I recommend going to Bukovel. Bukovel is a great place to try, for the first time, skiing or snowboarding. In fact it was just last week when I learned to ski in Bukovel myself!

What Is Bukovel?

Bukovel is the biggest ski resort in Ukraine. There are 16 slopes that are divided into green, blue, red and black categories. The green ones are the easiest, and of course the black ones are the most difficult ones. 

Bukovel, Ukraine

The ski resort Bukovel is located in the small town Polyanytsya among the Ukrainian Carpathians. There are many hotels for any budget and a few very good restaurants. To find out more about all the activities you can do in Bukove or how to get to Bukovel you can read my Comprehensive Guide To Bukovel, Ukraine

How To Learn To Ski In Bukovel 

First of all you need to get a ski instructor. This is pretty easy to do. In the center of the ski resort there are a few Ski School offices where you can get an English, Polish, Russian, or Ukrainian speaking instructor, as well as set the date and the time that suits you for a lesson.

Learn To Ski In Bukovel, Ukraine

Note: in the Ski School they will pressure you to buy at least three hours with an instructor or a whole 6-hour course, but if you want to learn how to ski you just need one lesson for two hours. In case of snowboarding it is probably a good idea to get a 6-hour course (snowboarding is way more difficult than skiing).

Learn To Ski In Bukovel, Ukraine

Remember that it is crucial to start by learning how to ski or snowboard with an instructor because relearning bad habits is way harder than learning from the beginning.

Prices: 2 hours – 1490 UAH ($53), 3 hours – 2140 UAH ($76), 6 hours – 3940 UAH ($140).

Official website: Bukovel Ski School

Can You Rent Equipment In Bukovel?

When you have an instructor you need the right equipment. In Bukovel there are many places where you can rent ski equipment. The average price per set (skies, helmet, sticks, boots) will be between 150 – 250 UAH ($5 – $9) per day and as a collateral you will need to leave your passport at the office. (this is the usual deal and you don’t need to be worried about your documents). 

Skiing in Bukovel

That is pretty much what you need to do to start skiing or snowboarding. When you are with an instructor you don’t need to buy a separate ski pass since the instructor will take you to the top of the slopes to teach you. 

You also don’t need to be worried that you will mess up or look stupid, there are a ton of people that come to Bukovel that have never been skiing or snowboarding. Plus you will start your training on the easy slopes until you know how to do the basic stuff and how to hold your balance. So don’t wait any longer and Good Luck!!!

Learn To Ski In Bukovel, Ukraine

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